Video Chat: Mistress Morgan Sterling Interviewed by Nicholas Tanek



I had a lovely chat with the legendary Mistress Morgan Sterling



NOTE: SORRY for the echo and feedback on my side. I’m still new to this.

Mistress Morgan Sterling is a professional Dominatrix and a lifestyle Mistress who operates an upscale play space in the Los Angeles area.

She entered the New York lifestyle BDSM scene over twenty years ago. A few years later, she moved to San Francisco. In San Francisco, Mistress discovered the Leather scene and was trained and mentored in the Leather tradition. Mistress Sterling has taught classes in CBT, medical play, and electrical play at Stockroom University and Threshold. She runs a mentorship program for Pro Dommes and lifestyle players interested in deepening their knowledge. Currently, Mistress Sterling is seeing clients in her South Bay studio.


twitter: @missmor94053094


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