#EuphOff: TENTacles

by Miss_Melissa_


My dear most treasured friend, Tangled Blue, asked me to join in on the #EuphOff contest. After weeks of writer’s block, despite coming up with a ROCK SOLID THEME, my kitten muse inspired me with a horrible sea-themed metaphor and suddenly, the oyster revealed its brown, greasy pearl.

The Other Livvy’s annual #EuphOff is a brilliant contest, and there’s still some time left to enter. All you need is 500 words and you’re in the running to win a cool new sex toy! Check it out here.

This is my entry, complete with a pun-tastic title.


His fingers traced a line back and forth across her collarbone as they enjoyed the dark stillness of the lake.

“This was a great idea, babe,” he said.

“Have I ever steered you wrong?”

“Well, there was that one time, with the Sharpie…”

Casey turned on him. Mac fell back into the grass, laughing and shielding his face as she pummeled his chest.

“You swore never to bring that up!” she shrieked. He grabbed her wrists and she realized that his trouser trout was awakening beneath her, eager to swim upstream. Leaning forward, she ran her tongue across her upper lip and asked, “Does somebody want to explore my deep sea cavern?”

With a growl, he rolled Casey onto her back and pulled up her shirt, exposing her soft skin to the night air, pale in the moonlight. Her chest heaved with desire as his mouth engulfed her nipple.

“Wait,” she breathed. “Did you hear that?”

“Babe, relax. It’s just you, me, and the frogs.” His hot breath tickled her neck but she didn’t feel the usual waves of electricity as she stared at the black body of water.

“Let’s go in the tent. Please?”

Mac sighed, got up, and started removing his clothes as they walked over to their campsite. Casey followed his cute, somewhat furry ass between the flaps of canvas and things quickly picked up where they had left off. Soon she was on elbows and knees, teasing his swollen man meat with the tip of her tongue while his tongue explored the depths of her slippery cave. Just as she was about to wrap her lips around his semi-moist treat stick, she paused.

What felt like a saliva-slicked finger pressed against her little starfish. She relaxed, and the finger slipped in and out of her tight asshole as Mac’s tongue circled her flesh-pearl. Casey moaned around a mouthful of penis until she felt something slap her ass – something long, narrow, and wet. It was at that moment that she realized both of Mac’s big, strong hands were tightly gripping her hips, and it was not his finger inside of her rear tunnel. Mac’s love gun fell from her mouth with a pop and she strained to see in the darkness.

The something plunged further into her depths while simultaneously slithering around her hanging breasts, tightly encircling them. Another moved across her lover’s thigh; she reached out and realized it was a tentacle. Before she could cry out in alarm, another tentacle entangled itself in her hair and pressed her head down, urging her back onto her boyfriend’s rod. Velvety suction cups had found her nipples, and she didn’t care what creature invaded their tent that night. Mac groaned into her pussy and she realized that the tentacle she touched had made its way inside of him. This knowledge pushed her over the edge, tumbling down a roaring waterfall of ecstasy, crying out in her pleasure while her mouth overflowed with Mac’s salty love brine.

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