Thrifty Kink 2

Thrifty Kinksters.  Ten Dollars. Super Fun.  

by Miss_Melissa_


BDSM calls to many people but willing kinksters can be inhibited by the cost of the tools. Leather floggers, ball gags, and latex wear can really break the bank. Your Kinky Friends decided to challenge ourselves to create experiences that cost less than ten bucks. We will use traditional BSDM ideas and use our imaginations and ingenuity to help you get the most bang for your buck.

This is our second entry for our Thrifty Kink series: Bondage on a Budget.


Price Limit:  $10.00

Type of Scene:  Bondage/Discipline              

Key Words: Chain, cuffs, pain, riding crop


Item Cost
Riding crop – jump bat style (tack shop or Amazon) 4.00
2 feet of heavy chain (Hardware Store) 2.00 – 3.00
Stainless steel S-carabiner clip (Hardware Store) 2.00
Clothespins  (Dollar Store) 1.00

Scene Details:

This bondage and discipline scene is fun for all experience levels. This scene will feature some light impact play but intensity can be heightened if the partners want to explore more pain.  It’s always good to plan for emergencies and be prepared by keeping your cell phone, a first aid kit, and aftercare items nearby.

A few days before play:

Communication is important in any relationship – especially a kinky one. Discuss limits for impact play with your partner.  Some questions may include:

What do you want to feel in this scene?

Is it okay to leave marks on your skin?

What is a safe word that you are not afraid to use?

How will we know when your pain limit is reached?

What do you want from me as your sub?

(Notes on Safe Words:  Having a safe word is often joked about in BDSM, but it is a key component to a successful scene. It is also important to continually check in with your sub. If he or she can’t answer simple questions during a scene such as “what is your name,” stop and check.) 

It is important to talk about your plans outside of the bedroom so you aren’t distracted, and this ensures that you’re both on the same page. In my own relationship, discussing “my plans for him” drives my sub crazy in the best way. Talking about future scenes is half the fun.

If you haven’t used a crop before as a Domme/Dom, practice on yourself. It’s always good to see what it feels like to be on the receiving end, as well as to practice technique. Remember, though, that you don’t have to be a pro to have a good time. A literal swing and a miss isn’t a reason to run and hide. Power through. It’s okay to laugh at yourself and keep the fun in punishment. You can strike with the handle like you would a cane if you and your sub would like a little more pain. Practice those strokes on a fleshy part of your body like your upper thigh.

Put the clothespins on yourself and you can ask your sub to try this too before the scene. Try them on different parts of the body and make note of what feels good, what hurts, and what is unacceptable. Feel the difference between using them over clothed skin versus on bare skin.

This scene will involve using the crop to remove clothespins. Practice your aim by putting a clothespin on your arm and tapping it with the crop and eventually smacking it off your arm with the crop.

You will be restraining your sub in this scene by using chains. Create handcuffs by attaching one side of the carabiner clip halfway down the length of chain.

During play, you can loop each end around a wrist and attach to each side of the clip as a super sexy alternative to traditional handcuffs.

NOTE: This length of chain and clip can also double as a leash if attached to a collar. The chain itself can be used to flog as well. Best $3 I ever spent. So versatile!

Day of play:

Set your scene. Play in the comfort of your bedroom with music of your choice in the background. Or, for a darker scene, take your partner to a quiet corner of the basement and let your voice and their whimpers be the music. Depending on their pain threshold and your personal preference, keep them clothed, put them in lingerie, or strip them nude. I like the idea of a stripped submissive in a dimly-lit corner of the basement… but choose your own adventure!

Sadism is always more fun if there is a “reason” for punishment. Taunt your partner; tell him/her how they have misbehaved while you use the chain to bind their wrists behind their back. Slowly walk a circle around them, lightly dragging the edge of your crop across their cheek, neck, chest, and back. Let them know how they will be punished.

Alternating sensations is key. Give some light taps with the crop to different parts of their body, not just their ass. Have them stand with feet apart and swat the thighs, arms, stomach, and chest. Gradually increase intensity as you play and change the sensations. Pull your sub to their knees and use the crop handle on their cute little ass.  Don’t be afraid use your hand to spank. Pause often to survey your work and inspect how red the skin has become. Check in with your sub and add more intensity to assert your dominance.

Have the clothespins arranged near your play scene. It is fun to put these on nipples and this will really make your sub squirm. Add clothespins one at a time and talk to your sub about their punishment. Rub their jawline with the clothespin before they feel the building pressure. Make a line of clothespins down an arm or down an inner thigh. Step back and survey your work. Use the crop to remove the clothespins one by one. Continue your tease until your submissive begs for forgiveness, and reward them with an orgasm if they deserve one.


After your session, your submissive might need aftercare. This could take many forms, depending on your partner’s needs. It could just be a cuddle, or massaging lotion onto their sore parts, or applying ice. You could run them a bath, or get into bed together and watch Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Whatever it is, enjoy it with your partner.

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