VIDEO CHAT: Amy Vodkahaus (Makeup/Transformation artist) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Amy Vodkahaus / Steve Euro is a makeup artist, fetish worker and a performance artist located in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past several years Amy has been providing a one-stop-shop crossdressing boutique and photo studio services to crossdressers, TS, TG, and TV community. Amy’s expertise lies in feminization, however, she dabbles into sissyfication when it comes to accompanying her clients out in public as one of the services. Please check her website for details. When not freelancing Amy does an occasional drag show or works on movies with HMM Films, Wretched Productions, and Troma Entertainment. Stay tuned for her upcoming punk rock horror musical where she played a psychotic fetish working gang leader.
On instagram Vodkahaus and M2Fantasy (same on Flickr and Tumblr)
FetLife: Vodkahaus


One thought on “VIDEO CHAT: Amy Vodkahaus (Makeup/Transformation artist) w/ Nicholas Tanek”

  1. Brings so many smiles to my senses this morning or afternoon. I’ve transitioned twice for total of like 14 years. Its like i was asked by coworkers here over the last 5 days if i get my jeans painted on me every morning. Lol. I took that as a compliment but I’m thinking they are talking amongst themselves. Being on female hormones as i am, i know I’m filling out more. Haha. I love my levi’s and not abandoning them. As dio i have many female features. Ours like 2 decades of HRT, one can’t hide it all. Lol.

    But really lived that you are so close in proximity to me. Really kewl. Thanks to all and stay beautiful!

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