Thrifty Kinksters.  Ten Dollars. Super Fun.  

by Tangled Blue with Special Guest, Charlton Tod

BDSM calls to many people but willing kinksters can be inhibited by the cost of the tools. Leather floggers, ball gags, and latex wear can really break the bank. Your Kinky Friends decided to challenge ourselves to create experiences that cost less than ten bucks. We will use traditional BSDM ideas and use our imaginations and ingenuity to help you get the most bang for your buck.

This is our third entry for our Thrifty Kink series: Paddle and Poke Me

DISCLAIMER: Please support stores and people who sell high-end/well-made BDSM products. It’s worth it. And always… safety first!

Price Limit: $10.00

Type of Scene:

Key Words: paddle, pain, limits


Item Cost
Wooden cutting board with handle $3.00
Shammy or thick washcloth $2.00
Hot Glue $1.00
Bamboo skewers $1.00
Rubber bands $2.00
Sharpie $1.00

Scene Details:

This scene will feature sensation play and you can use it to test pain thresholds.  Play around with the materials so see what feels good and what provokes a reaction.  Play safe and keep first aid equipment handy.

The dollar store paddle was designed by Charlton Tod. He is the author of the Forbidden Writings blog: https://forbiddenwritings.blog/category/blog-posts/ and a book called Ritual Offerings. Buy it on Amazon! Mr. Tod has wonderfully wicked ideas and his writing makes this kitten to purr with pleasure.

A few days before play:
Cut the bamboo skewers in half using a pair of scissors.

Create a bundle of the pointy end parts and secure with a rubber band.

Save four blunt halves of the skewers.

Assemble the wooden paddle by hot gluing the washcloth to one side of the wide part of the cutting board.

Discuss with your partner safe words, roles, and signals that will be used in the scene.

Day of play:
Set the scene by arranging your tools on a table close to the play space. This scene will test pain limits and explore sensation play. Start with spanking over the knee with a flat open palm. A good hand spanking is always an excellent warm up for a pain loving pal.   Leaving a scarlet hand-print on a pale ass makes for a lovely souvenir photograph.

Use the blunt skewers remnants as clamps by tightly rubber banding the ends of two around a pert nipple.

Have your sub lay face down on the bed or floor. Take the bundle of pointed bamboo skewers and lightly run over their back and warm bottom. Press to leave tiny skin indentations. Try different pressures and change the number of skewers. Use a single skewer to draw on your machinists back.  This can feel similar to a more expensive vampire glove depending on the poke-tasticness of your skewers.

Next give the paddle a go.  The paddle is dual sided with the soft washcloth and the hard wooden surface. Try the opposing textures with varied pressure and vigor.

Build bruises and use your partner’s body as a canvas. Spank ’em! Poke ’em!  Bite ’em on the butt!  Biting bruises nicely and that centralized pain can be a welcome change change to the more generalized sensation of paddling. Biting is free!

Kitten Tips: I need my spankings in groups of 10 with rests between sets, or I tap out quickly. Keep a close eye on your playmate for signs of distress. One way to increase awareness is to ask your partner questions between spanking sets. If he or she can’t answer you properly, then it is time to stop. Also, watch out for  kicks if spanking becomes intense. I’ve accidentally knocked my Daddy to the floor with a good donkey kick to the chest.  

After Care:
Check for bleeding wounds and bruises and offer soothing ice or Arnica gel on sore spots if needed. I like to have my bruises photographed and he saves them on his phone.

Playing with pain and administering torture can be a fun extension of domination and submission role playing.  Have fun!  Play safe! Stay thrifty!

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