VIDEO CHAT: Dominatrix V (House Of V) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Dominatrix V is the founder/owner of The House Of V Fetish Studio. She is a professional Dominatrix, Queer Femme kink performer, Fetish Barberette and Owner of The Fluffy Boudoir Sissies and cross dressing salon.

Nicholas Tanek has a video chat with her.


Dominatrix V is a Professional and Lifestyle Australian Dominatrix, Queer Femme kink performer,  blogger, You Tuber and Fetish film maker. Owner of The Fluffy Boudoir Sissies, Domina V specializes in Sissy and Cross dressing Services.
Born in Madrid, Spain and raised in Sydney Australia from the age of 3, the black sheep of the family, she would always get up to all sorts of mischief. In her teens she found her kinky side and discovered the fetish scene. A fully qualified hair dresser and make up artist, she is also a barberette specializing in Haircut Fetishes. She holds a diploma in hospitality management which later lead her into working for exclusive lingerie restaurants, private functions and VIP boat cruises throughout Sydney.

Dominatrix V has been involved in the adult Industry for over 20 years. She first started as a podium dancer back in the days before pole dancing became popular. This lead her to performing on stagewhere her kinky side started to appear. She soon travelled and worked in Japan, Spain and Ireland as
well as touring New Zealand for Suzie Malone’s all female dance revue WILDKATZ AUSTRALIA. She has used her make-up and hairdressing skills working with photographers for independent films, photoshoots, and magazines such as Australian Penthouse, Home girls, The Picture and People Magazine. As well as running personal grooming workshops in Sydney.

After several years working behind the camera her photographer friend suggested she join an agency and soon she started getting extra work. You can catch a glimpse of her in The Matrix Revolutions (her 10 seconds of fame) as well as PIMP, an English thriller. In 2003 she completed her Mistress apprenticeship at Salon Kittys Sydney (now closed). In 2008 she left Australia and travelled back to Europe settling in London where she became the resident performer at Candy bar Soho as well as performing for various Burlesque London events. She
eventually opened up her private premises, The House Of V Studio in North London and soon opened the doors to Fluffy Boudoir Sissy and Cross dressing services. After living in the UK for nearly 8yrs she packed her bags and moved back to Sydney Australia. She is now living on the South Coast of New South Wales where she continues her Professional Career as a Dominatrix & Lifestyle practitioner.

You can read more about her in books written by Dr Katy Picher;
QUEER SEX WORK and The History and Arts of A Dominatrix by Anne O Nomis.

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