BDSM on a Budget: Cummy Mummy! #ThriftyKinkThursday

by Miss_Melissa_

Nicholas Tanek was making his own straight jackets as a teenager (see my favorite chapter in Chipped Black Nail Polish, titled “homemade straight jacket”), so I gave him one for his birthday several years ago. The best thing about the straight jacket is that I can use bondage even when I’m too tired to take out my rope. Lazy BDSM is still fantastic sex, but I decided we were long overdue for a session with some thoughtful planning behind it. I wanted to use something with a more complete restrictive feeling than rope or a straight jacket.

Let’s have some fun with sensory deprivation, and let’s do it for FREE! Or at least for under ten bucks, depending on what you have at home.

Price Limit:  $10.00

Type of Scene:  Bondage/Mummification            

Key Words: sensory deprivation, bondage, mummification, mask


Item Cost
old bedsheet that can be cut Free, or go to the thrift store – less than $5
scissors and/or a knife Free – raid the kitchen
rolled bandage (NOT the sticky kind) Free, or the Dollar Tree – $1 per roll (you may need two)
duct tape Free, or the Dollar Tree – $1
clothespins Free, or the Dollar Tree – $1
The kitchen knife may look boring, but it did the trick! (And your submissive won’t SEE it anyway.)


Sure, you could use an inexpensive sleep mask (Dollar Tree!) or grab a necktie when you want to take away someone’s sight, but I thought it would be more intense to use something that acts like a bondage hood but requires very little investment.

The bandage material was the only thing I did not have on hand at home, and I found COLORED rolls at the Dollar Tree! I chose black because it will look good with his straight jacket, but they also had hot pink and neon green and yellow!

Your helpless kinky friend!

REMEMBER: Leave either the nose or mouth (or both) uncovered so that your partner can breathe! I only used one roll of bandage material because it’s allergy season and I wanted to make sure he could breathe through his mouth through the material if he needed to. I would love to use two bandages to cover more of his head in the future.


If you do not want your partner to hear what you’re up to, use music. Music is also great for setting the mood.

I told Nicholas about my article idea a week ago, and let him know that we needed to experiment. Tonight, I told him that I wanted to do a little photo shoot before he went to bed. Rolls of bandage and kitchen knife in hand, I went into our bedroom and he chose music: Cristina’s “La Poupee qui Fait Non.” The upbeat song seemed perfect for my somewhat silly “research” with things I gathered from around the house.

M: What did you like about having music on when we started?

N: I loved it. The fun of it. You took this element of BDSM culture and made it fun. But at the same time, it’s an underground song, so it had this underground feel to it. It makes it seem like you’re part of a scene.

If you want their sense of hearing heightened, refrain from using music so that they will be straining to hear every sound you make as they lie there, helplessly guessing your next move. Or perhaps it would turn both of you on if you let him or her know some of the things you’re planning to do while they are at your mercy. You may like to snuggle up next to your partner, put your mouth up to their ear, and tell them a story to get them revved up.

I hate to jump ahead in the scene, but I chose to turn off the music when I started cutting with the knife so he could hear the ripping of the fabric.

M: How did you feel when the music went off?

N: I was scared at first. Not scared for my safety, but scared that the mood of the moment would change. But it didn’t. At first, it was… horror-movie fun, but I’m okay with that.


An old sheet works well to restrict someone.

While brainstorming a sensory deprivation article, I thought of images I have seen of a person lying on a table beneath a sheet of latex as though they are a shrink-wrapped grocery item.

Mmm. So… tight. And shiny.

Then I imagined how good it feels to put clean sheets on my bed, tuck the top sheet in real tight, and then squeeze myself under it. And THEN I imagined how it would feel to be tucked tightly beneath a sheet, unable to see what was happening, only able to feel the fabric against my skin, and then hearing a ripping sound as someone made a strategically placed hole in the sheet.

This train of thought led me to mummification fetish. I had Nicholas stand while I wrapped a bedsheet around him and secured it with a tight loop of duct tape across his chest and arms. It would have been a bit neater with a FLAT SHEET but this series is about using what you’ve got!!

Even a mess, his hair just always looks good. He’s so cute when he lets me do stuff to his body.

If I wasn’t incredibly low on duct tape, I would have wrapped a loop around his midsection, over his wrists, so that his arms would be more securely bound at his sides. Alas, I forgot to get a new roll at the dollar store, so I had to make do. I ran tape across his upper thighs, and he reminded me not to forget about the ankles.

Once your victim is snugged up tight, it’s time for…

The Tease

I am aware there are five senses. I’ll get to the others shortly, smart ass.

If your partner likes a little pain, use clothespins over their nipples or other body parts of your choice through the fabric.

Because I used a fitted sheet, his feet ended up sticking out at the bottom, but I am an improviser! The tease can include putting things on your victim, like high heels, or your big butt, or a bunch of spaghetti. Whatever you’re into.

“Hmm. Your feet are sticking out. Ooh! I will shove them in heels!”

Ever since TESfest last year when Majikroxx showed Nicholas some of his knives, I’ve been thinking about trying some light knife play. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity; dragging a blade across someone’s skin, over a bedsheet, could feel interesting and would build anticipation.

*poke* Clearly, the knife excited him.

M: Did the knife surprise you?

N: No. It kind of made sense. And I wasn’t scared for my safety because you’re my Goddess and I trust you.

PLEASE NOTE: Nicholas and I have been in a BDSM relationship for almost six years, and we have talked about more than I could ever list here. I did not tell him ahead of time that I was going to use a knife in this scene because I knew it would be an exciting surprise for him. We have talked about knives before and I’ve told him I would like to play with them at some point – dragging a blade across skin, perhaps cutting clothing, but not piercing the skin. Remember the importance of communication before, during, and after a scene. Establish a safeword if you do not already have one. Discuss boundaries outside of the bedroom, before and after play, because they can change. 

This image belongs in the dictionary under “trust.”

Smell and Taste:

Since the mouth and nose are such close friends, they kind of go hand in hand here. Maybe your partner has an armpit fetish? This would be a PERFECT time to cover their face with your armpit! Foot fetish? Have them smell and lick your toes! Either plan ahead and leave their mouth uncovered, or be more in the moment and shove the wrap out of the way so they can get their greedy mouth on your filthy feet!

Let your lover nuzzle your neck and smell your hair.

Who doesn’t love the smell of their partner’s pussy or cock? (If you don’t constantly want your face in their crotch -and vice versa – something may be very wrong with your relationship. Please seek professional help.) Straddle their face and allow them to service you.

Go back to basics and kiss! I enjoyed murmuring about owning him, my mouth hovering over his, while he tried to kiss me through the bandage material.

The Cummy Mummy:

When they’re begging for release, carefully use scissors (or your sharp knife) to cut/tear small windows in the fabric to access sensitive body parts. I lifted the sheet away from his body and used the tip of the knife, sharp edge facing away from his body, to pierce the fabric. Then I slid the knife into the small hole I had made and ripped a hole wide enough for my purposes.

Careful! Nobody wants non-consensual bloodletting.

While I taunted him with the idea of leaving him on the bed with his hard cock protruding from the sheets, I wasn’t really going to waste an opportunity.

M: With your body wrapped up like that, how did it feel when I finally touched your skin?

N: Being completely covered in the sheet made me feel… differently. It made me more sensitive.

Since the rest of your partner’s body will only feel the fabric, they will be super tuned in to whatever you choose to do to their nipples, genitals, toes… or wherever.

I showed Tangled Blue the aftermath, and she said, “Those sheets didn’t see it cumming!” Oh, puns.


Everyone is different. Make sure that you attend to your partner’s needs after a scene: a quiet cuddle, a warm bath, a taco. We usually like to put something funny on TV, like Rick and Morty or Joe Pera Talks with You.

Don’t forget to ask your partner how they felt about the experience. Sometimes, a person can be reluctant to use their safeword and “ruin the mood.” If this world is a new adventure, make sure that you and your partner understand that using a safeword is not going to disappoint the other partner in a healthy BDSM relationship. The basis of this lifestyle is consent and honesty.

Also, it is a good idea to have two safewords – one that means STOP and one that means “slow down.” Maybe they (or you) thought something would be enjoyable but the reality was not as good as the fantasy. Discussion outside of the bedroom is important because no one will be “caught up in the moment.”

M: Would you let me do this again?

N: Oh god yeah! That was fun as hell.

M: What would you like to happen next time?

N: I want you to have me in chastity for about a day and tease me. I would totally want you to ride my face. And let me out of the cage and let me fuck you through the sheet again.

“Boom! Big reveal! I’m a pickle! What do you think about that?”


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