#ThriftyKinkThursday: Sex Games

by TangledBlue
Screens are everywhere:  restaurants, stores and even Chuck E. Cheese.  Glowing images beckon us in every man-made place and we even carry our own pocket-sized screen in the bathroom to poop because breaking that tether even for a delightful twenty minutes is too much to bear.

 Life can be completely frittered away in a virtual world. Kinky sex is a great way to break through the walls that technology builds around us and connect with other humans.  I wanted to offer our thrifty kinksters some easy and fun games that may be engaging enough for you to turn off your screens and turn on your partner.

Tied Up

There is NOT a kitten in the closet!

We’ve featured bondage scenes here before and there is something very freeing about bondage in the bedroom. The slow anticipation of creating beautiful Shibari knots can be a wonderful way to pass an evening, but sometimes you just want action.  This game is a bit of cat and mouse and can rev up your fight or flight reflexes.  Start this game by hiding things that could be used for restraint around the house while keeping the locations a secret from each other.  Tuck some handcuffs under the kitchen table, throw a rope behind the couch, discreetly drape a necktie over the shower curtain and throw some zip ties in the laundry room.  Next, have your partner wait in the bedroom while you hide yourself in another part of the house.  Count to thirty and let the game begin!  Chase each other and try to lure each other into the traps that you set.  I suggest hiding in a closet and POUNCING!  This game is really fun for people who identify as primals.

Jump for my Love

Thirty jumps!

I am in a DD/lg relationship and when my Daddy Dom says “jump” the only acceptable response is “how high.”  I love this game. Have your partner give you commands while you entertain them.  The only rule is that you can’t touch each other.  Watching without instant gratification builds the scene and makes it far more wonderful to actually touch when the time is right.  You can set a timer to determine the length of the game.  My Daddy Dom always ends up making me masturbate in bizarre ways like rubbing myself on a toilet plunger or dry humping the clean laundry.  He also enjoys watching my boobs bounce when I jump on the bed.

Lipstick Lovers

Your kiss, your kiss is on my list…
So steamy

You will need a couple tubes of lipstick for this one.  You can use the super cheap dollar store brands.  Sit on your lover’s stomach and draw lips on him or her.  Make them as lovely or clown-like as you wish.  Once you have created your masterpiece, have them leave lip prints on your body.  Trade positions.  Keep drawing and printing all over each other until you have either dissolved into giggles or you end up kissing a really good part and don’t want to stop.

Slip and Slide

Yeah…this didn’t work so great, but it was super fun!
Washing lotiony sheets was worth the time spent with my honey bunny.

Nuru massage is an erotic offering at some specialized spas.  The gist is that the masseuse uses her body and an aloe vera based slippery goo to massage the client.  Sexy times ensue.  The massage is usually done on a rubber mattress.  (Google it.  There is some very lovely porn that uses Nuru massage, but don’t Google it now.  You are trying to break your screen habit…remember?) To play this at home you need to prepare a play space.  I first tried duct taping trash bags to my bed.  This really didn’t work well and we made a pretty big mess.  I think I’m going to try a painter’s tarp next time or maybe a blow up swimming pool if I can score one in summer clearance sales.  When you play this messy make sure you put away your blankets and pillows so they don’t get yuck on them.  There are specialized sheets for messy activities but they are bit pricey.  You may have to do a little laundry, but trying out different surfaces can be fun for one time romps.

Once you decide on your play surface, you need to decide what you’re going to use as lube to recreate the slippery massage.  I used aloe vera like you would put on after a sunburn.  It stayed slick and made my skin soft.  I put my hair in a ponytail to try to keep it cleaner.  I had to take the pump off the bottle to squeeze out enough to coat my body.  You then have your partner lie down and you rub your slicked up body all over them.  It feels very strange, but erotic.  Using my boobs to work his glutes cracked me up so hard.  You will definitely need a shower after your play session is over.

Sex games can really help you connect to your partner.  So put down your phones!  Turn off your screens and get naughty!!!


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  1. Great and fun ideas . I’m betting my coconut moisturizer would be excellent to use for Nuru Massages !

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