VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Alexxxia with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Alexxxia is a central New York-based Dominatrix, published model, and artist. She has only been in the Domme role since May of 2017 but has been involved in the kink world since late 2011. Her specialties include financial domination, cuckolding, ass worship, ritual roleplay, and CBT (cock and ball torture).

Alexxxia was always one with a clever brain and never ending imagination, and spent most of her life as the artistic type who was often kicked around. Now, having found her inner voice and power, she has been making up for lost time, channeling it all into destroying men’s egos with a special sadistic flair.

She considers her style to be that of a succubus, a demonic feminine creature used in Christianity that would drain the souls of innocent men, in part to her spiritual background of being a LaVeyan Satanist with a penchant for occultism. Her curves, dark eyes, and large ass have left men salivating, which gives her the perfect opportunity to slip her hands into their wallets and take what is rightfully hers. The easiest way to her affections is spoiling. Do it enough, and you’ll be one of her “good boys.” Welcome to her kennel.

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