VIDEO CHAT: Jay Tesst with Nicholas Tanek

Jay is a forty-something Dominant Sadist and has been a kinkster for over 20 years. He has been actively trying to educate people about kink for just as long.
He recently joined the BoldPleasures tribe to actively educate non-kinksters and kinksters alike about kink and sexuality.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and chats with him.

You can find his articles on these subject on
Aside from writing, he also handles the SEO and technical part of the website.
When his not doing he “kink-thang” he also runs together with his wife Tess, testing and reviewing sex-toys for a living, and trying to contribute to the world by educating people about their bodies, their sexuality and how it’s okay to just be yourself. They just recently branched out into their own sex shop selling only body-safe and well tested sex toys.
And as if that isn’t enough Jay is a freelancer (Company name Voyant One) specialising in supporting the LGBTQIA+ and kink community in creating a presence on the web, so if you need some SEO, Copywriting or Social Media advice, hit him up!
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