Kitten Wants: SHOP SMART #ThriftyKinkThursday by Tangled Blue

By TangledBlue

Toys can be a huge part of a BDSM dynamic.  Some people may have a favorite item that they use for every session, but other kinksters are collectors that revel in the acquisition of toys.  I fall in the collector category.  I love the thrill of buying a new toy or scene enhancer.  One of my favorite places to shop is /  This online store has ALL the fun normal things like handcuffs and whips plus items that tug at your imagination.  For this week’s Thrifty Kink, I wanted to feature this cool store so that My Kinky Friends can get the most bang for their buck when they are shopping for new gear.

The Sub Shop runs tons of sales and there are codes you can plug in to get an even better deal.  My favorite section to explore is the “Bondage on a Budget” tab.  I never know what I will find when I click in there to look around.  I’ve purchased clear thigh cuffs for less than ten bucks, a cute little cock cage for a song, and spent only a little jingle on nipple clamps that make my boobs…well…jingle.  I have the site bookmarked and when I’m feeling a little too vanilla while drudging through daily life, I peruse that tab and get my kink-meter filled.  

The Sub Shop is divided into different sections so you can find stuff.  This helps to streamline your shopping experience.  If I am looking for a straight jacket with a bolero cut in red, I can find it in under a minute.  This is important to me because sometimes I want to price compare quickly if I am in the market for something specific and a bear is chasing me.  This store also features a Vegan section, a Cross-dressing Shop, a whole section on Chastity, Apparel and a Bondage section.  The items are well displayed and you get a great idea of what you are purchasing because of the excellent descriptions and pictures.

I reuse my bags for kitty bows and garter straps.

Orders are discreetly packaged and your items come prettily wrapped in purple draw string bags. (I think it would be hilarious for a sex shop to be indiscreet.  “LARGE ORANGE DILDO” in giant letters on a box would make me laugh so hard, but our Puritanical roots would frown upon that. “LUBE! FOR YOUR BUTT!!”)

Items purchased from the Sub Shop are hand packed and signed off on by a real person. There are little cards inside each bag that tell you who packed your stuff.  I collect them like baseball cards and say a thank you out loud to the person who packed my toys when I get a new shipment.  I have yet to be dissatisfied with any item that I have ordered from the Sub Shop.  (Please see A Tale of Two Cocks to learn about my Amazon purchase disappointment.)

I love the post cards they send with their products.

The best part of the Sub Shop is that when you buy certain items some of the money goes to charities.  Items that are designated with the “Autumn Cares” logo have portions of their sales that go to charity.  There is even a ball gag where 100% of the sale goes to Autism Speaks.  The irony cracks me up.  I am more inclined to purchase MORE things if I know that part of my money helps others.  Plus, I always need more bondage gear and kitten ears.  It’s nice to have just a little extra nudge to justify my splurges for my urges.

I know this article kind of sounded commercial-y, but I really enjoy this shop.  I think some BDSM stores are hard to find in internet searches and there are tons of shops that are manned by rip off artists.  This site makes me happy.  I thought it could make you happy, too.  If you are in the market for some new gear to help you satisfy that kinky itch, it may be worth checking out the Sub Shop to see if you can score a deal on some dildo pants or some 8″ ballet heels or whatever floats your boat.  I will be singing “Sponge Bob Dildo Pants” in my head for the rest of the day.  You’re welcome.


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