Our Erotic Kinky Artist Friends Part II by Nicholas Tanek

The power of creativity mixed with eroticism is limitless, weird, and beautiful. Once again, I needed to reach out to my erotic kinky artist friends and ask them several questions about erotic/kinky art.

Here are their answers…


The Lady Ascends



TheLadyAscends is a very talented artist and pagan love witch who is a good friend of mine. She has multiple subs and participates in many kinky spiritual rituals like fake blood orgies and human sacrifices.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darksparkofdeath/

Fetlife: TheLadyAscends – https://fetlife.com/users/6883512

What inspires your work?

A deep need to express my inner world and vision.

Describe your creative process.

I will see or hear something that inspires me and lock myself away until I finish my piece. I usually start with a sketch, then ink, and finally paint it.

What kind of reactions have you gotten from your work?

I have gotten reactions across the spectrum from it being called “worse to see than the Trade Centers coming down” to “genius masterpieces of the soul.”

What do you consider your masterpiece so far?

I hope I haven’t done my masterpiece yet. I like room to grow. But I would say a painting for Last Podcast on the Left called, “Dissection.” In the painting, I am with my favorite hosts and myself murdered in it.


VIDEO INTERVIEW with The Lady Ascends:

VIDEO CHAT: The Lady Ascends with Nicholas Tanek


Kapil Alaskar

Kapil Alaskar is an erotic artist and photographer who lives in India.

“Since my work is erotic, the truth comes out of it, and people get satisfaction. There are Khajuraho temples in India. They are full sexual scripts. But still people look at Sculptures with trivial eyes. Nudity is in the mind of the beholder. In works, I enjoy nude form, where I try to explore the vastness of my experience, and the smell of Female. With this culmination, it deepens my knowledge of understanding of women. It helps me to do the sketches, drawings, and paintings. The exploration of sensuality, sexuality, and erotism. This played the esteemed role to create my works of art which I called it STIMULATION.” – Kapil Alaskar





What inspires your work?

I am a contemporary artist looking for my muse. I started my journey in this world and I’m still exploring and gaining new experiences. Talking and reading about BDSM and the kink has always been fascinating to me. At first, I sought it as a source of inspiration. The fuel to that fire is creativity. I try to paint my ideas of art. Then I discovered how wonderful it is and for a very shy guy like me, it is very liberating.

Apart from drawing, I love most forms of art, the visual and the sonic. There are other interests, but I’d rather separate those from my sexual side. Kink-wise, I struggle to find an apt label for myself.

My dad is a doctor, giving me sex education since I was young. When I started my art of painting, yaksh-yakshni was in history for the time being. I like this topic very much. For that, I ran towards the Khajuraho temple. I researched for one year there. From it, I got the lines, colors, rhythm, smell, and desire for the body. I’m using a new body for my art. From that, I knew everything.

The body is not just a useful tool for sex …

Describe your creative process.

I’m using a model while doing my work. From it, she is depicting her beauty, rhythm, and balance. They become immersed in knowing the odor and excitement of the body. That body’s intoxication comes in and I finish my work from it.

What kind of reactions have you gotten from your work?

Since my work is erotic, the truth comes out of it and people get satisfaction. There are Khajuraho temples in India. There are full sexual scripts. But still people look at Sculptures with trivial eyes.

Nudity is in the mind of the beholder.

I emphasize the F.N. Souza artists in my life. He was painted on a graphic positive line, a strongly colored canvas. He started the progressive art movement in India. Only five artists were working in it. During his exhibition, some people burned all the works. So he seems to be a true artist.

What do you consider your masterpiece so far?

My work has not been any masterpiece yet. In such a case, I like the Mumbai Marine line. I am still traveling in art. My color application, my thoughts, and the shock of the brush are all related to my life. Sexual pleasure is the art of liberating the mind. There should be lesser burden on mind, pressure, and restrictions while engaging in sex. Sex never prevails in social bonds. That’s all I can say.



MyBeatingArt is an Irish artist who started a secret personal documentary art project two years ago to show the fun side of BDSM. As he met people and started being introduced to fetish/BDSM and building a body of work around his experiences, soon fell in love with the scene and the wonderful people he met.

Instagram:   https://www.instagram.com/letsgetsketching/

Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/users/6369814


What inspires your work?

My BDSM paintings are all inspired by the idea of people enjoying themselves, the bright pink and green is playful and makes even quite extreme images look more approachable. My aims have been to reflect the sense of fun people have when they play, which especially for outsiders doesn’t necessarily always come across in traditional BDSM photography.

That’s the short answer, the full story is a bit odder. Just to give you some background, I live in Northern Ireland which is a strange post-conflict place. Our ruling political party are extreme right-wing Christians and are very fond of trying to punish people for their sexual choices. It’s a weird place because we have such a violent history, people have no fear of bombs going off, but you talk about sex and folks freak out. So naturally, I wanted to look deeper into sex and document it. This adventure has led me to new and wonderful friendships and trying things I thought I’d never try personally. So, I guess what really inspires me is partly sticking my fingers up to a climate of fear and control, and also the exciting experiences and friendships I’ve made doing this.

Describe your creative process.

The rules for my paintings are simple: anything living is painted in pink and anything dead/non-organic (e.g. clothes, toys etc) are painted in green. When I first started painting in this pink and green style, my aim was to just draw naked people. I went to some live drawing but it was boring. I looked at drawing porn but it was dull. It’s always in my mind that I want “play” to look playful. So I look for real people who are performing for themselves rather than money or career ambitions, and I look through their photography until I find an image that reflects the joy of BDSM. Once I have one, I message the person and ask them if I can use their image as inspiration. After that, I see where the image takes me. My paints so far have all been acrylic on A4 heavy paper but recently, I have started doing them as large 4 ft high with spray paint.

What kind of reactions have you gotten from your work?

Honestly, it’s been amazing. People message me saying how much they enjoy my work and also inviting me to parties or events and all sorts of things. I never thought when starting this that I’d end up so deep in the scene but I love it. I’ve also been blown away by the support I’ve had. At the moment, I’m trying to put public exhibitions together. People have really pulled out the stops, offering me places to put my art up. They are offering me a place to stay and even offering to feed me. The fetish community is a very loving place. I could never have seen this coming but I’m so glad it did.

What do you consider your masterpiece so far?

I don’t ever really think about my art like that. I spent a lot of my childhood in London, so graffiti was my main outlet as a young pup and I think I’ve always kept a love of the ephemeral because of that. I try not to think too much on what I’ve done. I paint. I move on. If it’s liked or folks get something from it, then great. But if someone comes along and paints over it with a big bucket of grey paint, then cool. That person just gave me another canvas to hit. So, I’ll leave it to others to say what my masterpiece is and I’ll just keep painting and having fun till the lights run out.


What have we learned from all of this?

The beauty of erotic and kinky art comes from the boundless imagination and creative expression of the very talented artists who create such work. These people are part of the artist culture that inspire us to sexually express ourselves. We need these people in our lives. They are not only “owning” their kink, but they are helping all of us express our own kinks. Sure, some may be fantasy. Some may be realistic. It doesn’t matter. The point is that they are creating beautiful and unique kinky art that makes your imagination run wild. Support these artists and support creative freedom. Dear reader, you are a kinky person. You would not be reading this article if you weren’t. So, help us out. Help the kink community and support us and our kinky artist friends.

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