BDSM On A Budget: YKF Interviewee Edition (part four) #ThriftyKinkThursday

by Miss_Melissa_

The inspiring suggestions from Nicholas’s interviewees continue to impress me. This week’s thrifty spotlight includes tips from Alex Andrews, sex worker alumnus and activist; Lady Remedy Ann, professional Mistress; Jacqi Kill, lead singer of THE BAD DRUGS and fetish entertainer; and Satin Jade, satin fetishist.

Alex Andrews

Alex loves latex because it’s cheaper than leather!

I love when people look like this when they talk about sex! 😀

She also pointed out, “You can get those stretchy bands that you’re supposed to exercise with. Those are very handy for other uses.” She said you can try bands with different degrees of resistance depending on how much restraint you want. There are lots of different styles of bands online!

I’m not sure this is the type of physical activity the retailers have in mind for their product.

VIDEO CHAT: Alex Andrews (SWOP – Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Lady Remedy Ann

Lady Remedy Ann LOVES tiny rubber bands – the kind you use on braces or to tie braids in your hair. She said they are great for CBT when used on the cock and/or balls. They’re very difficult to take off, and fun to SNAP.

Who says adult braces aren’t hot? Also, is he wearing a satin Hef robe?

Another fantastic bit of advice from the Lady is to find meet-up groups on Fet that host classes for things like building your own pony gear or making a whip. She said that you usually just pay for supplies and a nominal fee for the class.

Talking about putting teeny rubberbands around balls made her very happy.

Your DIY whip might be made of nylon or paracord, but it will work great until you can afford something made by a professional!

I’m still dreaming about a nice, soft, heavy leather flogger. Le sigh. Le mew.

VIDEO CHAT: Lady Remedy Ann w/ Nicholas Tanek

Jacqi Kill

“One of the easiest things to do,” said Jacqi, “is just get into some creative spanking implements.” Check out her interview to hear her hilarious anecdote about kitchen inspiration. While cleaning up, she swatted her partner’s ass with the heavy cardboard tube from a used tin foil roll and his reaction was such that she decided to do her part in keeping trash out of landfills and set it aside for later fun.

The theme song became stuck in my head, and now I want it to be stuck in YOURS.

Her advice: “Be open to what’s in your environment!” Words to live by.


VIDEO CHAT: Jacqi Kill (The Bad Drugs) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Satin Jade

And to cap off this article, I’d like to highlight the short but sweet answer given by the lovely Satin Jade:

Be creative.

Be safe.

VIDEO CHAT: Satin Jade w/ Nicholas Tanek

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