VIDEO CHAT: Maddie Royce w/ Nicholas Tanek

Maddie Royce is a professional online Domme. Although she spent 5+ years as a professional Dominatrix, she is now only an online Domme who makes kinky clips about cuckolding, humiliation, sissification, and roleplaying.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.


“I’m a curvaceous bratty Princess and sassy sadist who, after having spent 5+ years as a professional Domme in Chicago, has now exclusively entered the realm of online domination! I love making kinky clips and talking dirty about a variety of my favorite fetishes: cuckolding, humiliation, sissification, and roleplays of all sorts. My curvy, tattooed body controls the weak minds of submissives all over the world. I turned my personal kinks and fetishes into a perverse profession I will be enjoying for years to come.” – Maddie Royce

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