VIDEO CHAT: Miztress Tia with Nicholas Tanek

Miztress Tia is a Professional Dominatrix located on the East Coast of Canada.  She has been described as evil and mean, yet most who come to know her find her warm and empathetic once they get past her intimidating persona.  Her specialty is impact play however she does offer other services that can be found on her website  She can also be found on Twitter and Fetlife under the same name.
Nicholas Tanek sits down as has a video interview with her.

Over the knee spankings, paddles, canes and straps just to get things warmed up, she may not send you to the corner during a session, but will give you something to think about every time you sit down for the next week, or perhaps two, should you misbehave in her presence.   She is a sadist who is quick-witted, dominating and degrading you all the while grinning from ear to ear.  All while creating an enjoyable session that she works with each client to ensure they have an unforgettable experience.
She has a huge fetish for boots and shoes and will reward her generous subs by allowing them to lick them clean or trample with them on. She enjoys roleplay, CBT, corporal punishment, whips, slave training and chastity, among many other types of play.
She is a former volunteer Director of the local kink space in Halifax, has facilitated numerous discussions and educational sessions on various BDSM related topics as well has been interviewed by multiple newspapers and magazines for both sex work and the BDSM community. Currently, she can be found at a local kink event, Nightshade, on a monthly basis where she volunteers her time to introduce new people to the kink lifestyle, events and organizations related to BDSM in the Maritimes and locally, as well as provide demonstrations such as spanking, caning, flogging and another manner of sensation play.  She has hosted a number of femdom events in the Halifax area, with more being planned for the future.
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