Our Kinky Friends Write: Going Down by Kitt Wolf

I love to write trashy little sex stories.  Last November, I entered my work in a contest called The Smut Marathon sponsored by Marie Rebel at rebelsnotes.com.  The contest is a year long event where writers are eliminated through ten rounds of writing.  We are now in the semi-finals and shockingly, I’m still in the contest!  Writers win points through reader votes and jury votes.

The rest of Marie Rebel’s blog has the naughtiest stories, and it’s also a haven for writers.  She is generous with advice and has created a cozy writing community.  Check out her site if you are interested in writing erotica or finding some really yummy stories.


The semi-final round for the SmutMarathon is going on now!  There is still time to vote! Check out the entries and vote for your favorite three!

Smut Marathon 2018: Semi-Final Voting Round

This was my entry from the previous round if you need a little something naughty to read.  I hope you like it!

Going Down

My death was unexpected.  I fell off a balcony while trying to impress a faceless date with acrobatic sex.  Boom. Game over. I woke in what I assumed was the afterlife, but there were no flames or people being tortured by demons.  There wasn’t a bright angelic light illuminating an unlimited taco bar with my loved ones standing in front of me holding out a plate. The afterlife was a stark office hallway that stunk of bleach with an elevator at one end.  

I walked to the elevator and pressed the button.  After a few minutes, there was a ding and the doors slid open.   “The Girl from Ipanema” welcomed me as I stepped inside to see a panel of buttons.  I pressed one, and the sensation of moving downward made me stumble. It stopped and the doors opened to reveal a wall  adorned by a huge neon sign that said: “Choose.”

“Choose?  Choose what?” I asked out loud.  

“CHOOSE ONE!” boomed the response.  

Cocks began to poke through holes in the wall like a bizarre sexual Whack-a-Mole game.  I burst out laughing. Cocks! Glorious cocks! Big ones, little ones, cut, uncut, smooth, and pointy!  This was a great surprise!

They waggled at me and smiling, I said, “Hello, boys.”  I felt like I had to say something. They seemed friendly, and I didn’t want to be impolite.

A voice boomed, “CHOOSE NOW!”  

“Ack!  Not so loud!  Eenie meenie miney moe, I choose YOU!”  

I booped a shy looking cock with one manicured finger, and it bobbed happily.  


I had no idea what a proper cock choosing should look like in the afterlife.  

“A little help, please?  I don’t know what to do,” I said, transfixed by the cock wall.

A lavender mist filled the elevator making me a bit dizzy and warm. Warm turned to heat as it spread through my body, and I began to sway in time to the never ending bossa nova rhythm.   I needed to squeeze my breasts. Mmmmmmm. They felt fuller than I remembered. I pinched my nipples through the thin spandex of my dress and moaned out loud. The cocks shimmied in appreciation.   I slipped out of my lacy black panties, hiked up my dress, and rubbed my bare ass against the wall. The cocks swelled and beckoned with their rosy tips.


The mist swirled around me and tickled my thighs.   I knelt and looked at all the magnificent offerings.   The cocks tempted me and a familiar hunger gnawed in my belly.  I needed to fuck. I needed to suck. I licked my lips and allowed myself to be drawn to a thick cock that was just at mouth level.

“Hello, cock.  I’m going to lick you.  Is that OK? Are you cool with me licking you, cock?”

“Please, do,” came a soft reply.

“Cock?!  You can hear me?”

“Yes, but my name is Harold.   You sound like an angel. Are you an angel?  Your voice is the first sound I’ve heard here beyond the incessant muzak.   Are you in an elevator? I’m in an elevator! I think I’ve been in here for days.  I lost track of time. I don’t think I’ve spoken in days! Hello! Helloooo! Thank God, or whomever.  It’s so good to hear another voice.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Harold.   Is it really ok to lick your cock? It looks lovely.”

I heard a whimper as I gently cupped his balls and moved my mouth closer.  The mist goaded me to be bold.

“Please.  Yes. Please do,” Harold yelped.

I parted my pink painted lips and allowed my tongue to tentatively sample the offering.   A pearl of appreciation dripped into my open mouth, and I swallowed softly. The other cocks slipped away.  Harold strained against the hole as I greedily enveloped him.


The voice startled me and I broke my connection.

“Don’t stop.  I think I may burst if you stop.  Your mouth feels incredible. I bet you have a great dentist.  It feels so good to talk. I think we will be the best of friends.  I’m so happy!”

“Shut up, Harold!” I murmured under my breath.    My head was swimming with heady want. The mist filled my little elevator room, flirting.  Wet heat made my thighs slick while my hunger returned. I needed to ride that cock.


“Oh, good!  You’re still here!  I thought maybe you left.  I bet you’re pretty. You sound pretty.  Are you a redhead? I love redheads. This place is so crazy.  How did you die? I fell into a vat of pudding on a factory tour…”

“Shhhhhh.  May I do whatever I wish to your cock?”  

“Absolutely!  I thought maybe this was Hell, but now that you’re here, I’m doubting myself. Where do you think we are?”

I ignored his questions and carnal need took over my body.  I was pretty sure that the afterlife didn’t require condoms so I backed up against Harold’s cock with confidence.  His voice kept droning on and on, but his cock felt divine. Every inch of him filled and swelled against my yearning emptiness. I used his thick cock to fuck myself hard as the mist caressed my body.  The welcome warmth brushed and tugged at my lips and tits. I felt his cock inside me twitch, and I knew I didn’t have much time. I ground against him and expertly found my sweet spot.

“FUCK, YES!” I howled as the mist coiled around me like a lover tripping every pleasure sensor in my body as I bucked against Harold’s incredible cock.  Bliss coursed through my veins as orgasm wracked my body. Heaven.

Harold’s spent cock slipped from my trembling pussy back into his hole.

“That was so nice.  I loved talking with you!”

“Goodbye, Harold!”

Silence returned as the elevator doors closed.  The mist became cool and soothing. I felt incredible.  More. My body demanded more. I pressed a button.

The doors opened.

“CHOOSE!” the voice commanded.

I smiled.   I was going to like it here.

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