VIDEO CHAT: Antique Deb from Slave Nation Radio with Nicholas Tanek

Antique Deb is the host of Slave Nation Radio on Beaten Path Network. She considers herself a lifestyle slave and has her own wonderful radio show.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

NOTE: The BDSM On A Budget section of the interview is at the very end (after the plugs). We almost forgot to do it.

 “I have always been a slave. I just did not know that was the term used for it. I found out when I bought my first computer back in the mid 90’s. Once I heard others talking on the internet, Once, I knew there was others like me, it was exciting.
I quickly learned everything possible. Attended munches, seminars, parties. What ever, where ever, I could gain knowledge.
I have had a Master in the past. Have played at some parties. However, this is just not play for me. This is a lifestyle.
I do a radio show on BeatenPath.Caster.Fm called SlaveNation.”
-Antique Deb from Slave Nation Radio
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