VIDEO CHAT: Lady Gold with Nicholas Tanek

Lady Gold is a Dominatrix who lives Female led relationships. She is into financial domination, chastity, CBT, humiliation, and total power exchange.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

Lady Gold has been dabbling in domination since she first discovered her sexuality. She has been in several FLR before truly understanding what that meant. Several years ago, she started to dig deeper to understand her sexuality and discovered this love for sexual control. Ever since then, she’s been exploring the kink scene. She has been working as an online professional dominatrix for over a year. What started as Financial Domination soon branched out to a wider view. Lady Gold’s favorite kinks besides draining subs hard earned money, are chastity (both mental and with a cage), tease and denial, pain tasks especially CBT, humiliation, and above all TPE and the desire to manipulate all men to their happy downfall. Lady Gold wishes to free her subs from the chains of shame and hiding and help them live their truth out loud under her guiding whip and proper bondage.
Opening my iwc and c4s pages soon!

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