VIDEO CHAT: Sade Viscaria (PART 2) with Nicholas Tanek

Sade Viscaria is a genderqueer/trans woman who’s been in the BDSM lifestyle community since the age of 18 and also started her sex work/indie porn industry career around the same age. Now 30 years old, she’s done it all, from webcam work to being a phone sex operator, from being a stripper to being a independent Professional submissive/Switch and have done a few indie Queer/Trans/BDSM porn productions here and there, lived all over the world and experienced life to the fullest. 
Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

You all knew her as Delirium Sade in our last interview with her, but having since undergoing some major life changes both personally and professionally, she’s been getting some assistance from a fellow sex worker to help her with the rebranding efforts that led Sade to become Sade Viscaria. A lot’s changed since the interview, and we’re looking forward to doing a follow-up with her today. 
Today, we’re going to be talking about Sade’s future plans in a post-SESTA/FOSTA world, because recently on Twitter, she wrote an long Twitter thread and announced that she’s doing a farewell tour shooting indie Queer/Trans/BDSM art porn productions and booking clients for her final year in the industry, and is also up for running to win one of the three categories at the 2019 ManyVids Awards, such as MV Fetish Star of the YearMV Trans Queen of the Year and MV Rising Star of the Year. If nominated and has won a lot of votes, she’d go on to split half of her cash prize with several Queer/Trans sex workers of color who’d benefit greatly from her service to the community/industry in the hope of leaving the industry with a full heart. You can vote for her by clicking on any of the three categories highlighted above in each link.
We’ll also be talking about her other projects outside of the industry and BDSM/Leather lifestyle community, because as I’m told, she’s also planning for a life after retiring when the farewell tour ends sometime around October/November 2019, and why it’s important to talk about. And when we conclude this video interview, we’ll be hearing Sade’s official announcement about the farewell tour and a brief sneak peek at what her retirement speech would look like, as she’s recently told me in a private conversation that she’s working on hosting a farewell tour party with a memorabilia auction to raise funds for Queer/Trans sex workers of color, Queer/Trans people of color and those with disabilities, Deaf Queer/Trans people and for several organizations that she’s a proud supporter of, with only 10% of the funds raised going to Sade herself to prepare for her life in post-retirement from sex work/indie porn, etc. to pursue her dreams/aspirations/goals outside of the industry. She’ll also be screening a farewell tour documentary film, do a musical performance and make her retirement/farewell tour speech at the end of the event. 
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