VIDEO CHAT: Princess Isobel Devi with Nicholas Tanek

Princess Isobel Devi ( EE-so-bell   DE-vee) is a Dominatrix, Dancer, and Performance Artist. We talk brainwashing, foot fetish, and being a professional Domme.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

    Princess Isobel Devi ( EE-so-bell   DE-vee) started her journey into kink as a 19-year-old dancer and performance artist in the South Florida Fetish scene. Several years into her performance career She made a transition into professional Female domination, mentored by some of the best Dominatrices in California, Florida, and New York. Princess Isobel borrows inspiration from the literary works of Anne Rice and the Marquis de Sade, in combination with many hours spent studying and practicing with Her mentors and on the bodies of willing subjects. Bondage (with rope) is one of Her many favorite activities as well as expertise. She is also quite keen on slave protocol and training and uses it heavily in Her personal kink endeavors. When not cocooning, brainwashing, or otherwise consensually violating a slave, Princess Devi enjoys a variety of extracurricular activities involving dance and video games. If you want to get Princess Isobel’s attention, it is best to read the FAQ and protocol info on Her website before choosing your favorite method to contact Her.
Twitter: @MissIsobelDevi
Order InDomitus : @OrderIndomitus

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