VIDEO CHAT: Jade Is Rad with Nicholas Tanek

Jade Is Rad is a transgender cam girl / Chaturbate personality who is a switch. She is also into self-sucking.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

Jade’s lived a very storied life.  Her 20s were filled with much pain and emotional void as she had little support in regards to transitioning and filled the void her family left with drugs.  She ended up raped and sexually assaulted in a few incidents in 2011.  It wasn’t until 2016 that she finally managed to clean up and start making progress, and in 2017 she decided she wanted something more out of life, and with the ultimate desireone-day day racing motorcycles, began her quest to finance such an endeavor.  Since then, Jade has gained 14,000 fans on Chaturbate, and almost 9000 followers on twitter.  Despite being hailed as, ‘the best selfsucker on Chaturbate’ by many of her viewers, the true love is the commitment Jade gives each and every one of her fans, whether they are incredibly kind and loving or just beheld mild curiosity on a free account, Jade shares her time with everyone and truly appreciates what her fans have let her be able to accomplish.

Jade is a versatile switch, and can often be found exhibiting her Dominatrix side on cam.  That’s only one side of the coin though, as her personal life she is truly a submissive at heart.  Ultimately, she just desires to please, to create positive memories and interactions, and to just better the world one smile at a time.  Whether it’s by putting someone on the end of a leash and having her way with them, to being on a leash herself, all the way to sucking her own cock for her viewers on cam, she just desires to please her fans and partners by any means necessary.


Besides an innate need to race motorcycles, Jade rides a Suzuki SV650S motorcycle year round.  She was raised on computer games and heavy metal music. Fused with an intrinsic curiosity to understand how things function and childlike wonder at how things work, she frequently spends her time watching all sorts of documentaries rather than TV series, especially about cosmology and physics.  She is incredibly outspoken with her experiences of drug use and sexual trauma.  She gets her joy out of seeing her fans so satisfied, whether it be sexually, intellectually, emotionally, or through kinship.  Jade currently resides in Asbury Park, New Jersey.


Twitter: @JadeIsRadXXX



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