Our Kinky Friends Discuss CBT (C*ck & Ball Torture) by Nicholas Tanek

Why do some men like having their cock and balls tortured? Why do some women love torturing cocks and balls? CBT has been a popular topic at Your Kinky Friends. From kicking and slapping to shoving needles through a scrotum, cock and ball torture is a huge part of the BDSM/kink community.

So, I asked some of my CBT loving friends some questions and here are their answers…

NOTE: Some of these people do not want to show their faces and choose to remain anonymous.

Giselle Thibodeaux

The Mistress of Naughty


Giselle Thibodeaux, The Mistress of Naughty. Also known as the Goddess of Freedom, Control, and Power, Giselle Thibodeaux is a Domme and a PepLove Phone Consultant (phone sex). She likes to explore chastity, tease and denial, cock and ball torture, forced bisexuality, and more. 

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 Why do you think some men enjoy having their cock and balls tortured?

I think for some men they love to chase that pleasure and pain line.  The pleasure of having someone touch their cock or balls and being amped up on the endorphins from the pain can be intoxicating.  Now, add to that the allure of being helpless in a sexually charged situation and you have a cocktail that would make any submissive man’s heart jump.

What do you love about CBT?

I’m all about control. But I also must admit the look on someone’s face when they don’t think you will do it and you do.

What is the most brutal and torturous thing you have done to someone’s cock and/or balls?

That’s a tough one.  I’m one for ball busting. So, I’ll say its perhaps not the most extreme I’ve done. It is one of my most favorite things to do.  Now add some capsaicin in the cock cage and we have a party.

Video interview with Giselle Thibadeaux

VIDEO CHAT: Giselle Thibodeaux (The Mistress Of Naughty) w/ Nicholas Tanek

The Superhero

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The Superhero loves CBT, spandex, BDSM and superhero role-play. I like nothing better than to be a spandex-clad hero who is lured into a trap, captured, tied up and worked over.


Why do you enjoy having your cock and balls tortured?

I have asked myself this question a lot and have even posed it to therapists. I have two theories. The first is that as a gay man who came to grips with my sexuality late in life, I have an ambiguous relationship with my penis. I may rebel against it as the ultimate symbol of the heterosexual male. At the same time, I may not fully embrace myself as a gay man, and thus do not want to use it as a tool in same-sex activity. So, for a woman to abuse my cock, it’s a statement that I am not a “real man,” and at the same time, it’s abusing the one part of my anatomy that people seem to associate with being gay. Is all this too psycho-babble? One last thing: it arouses me no end to have my cock and balls worked over. Go figure!

Why do you think some women love CBT?

Some women love it because it’s the best way to fight back at male domination. There’s the theory of “penis envy” among women, but I suspect that for a lot of women, they love the idea of attacking the one feature of males that sets them apart (and in their minds makes them superior). By attacking a man’s crown jewels, they are saying, “your sexual domination does not make you a better person.”

What is the most brutal and torturous thing you have had done to your cock and/or balls?

Stomping with combat boots; extreme, prolonged electro; lots of Ben-Gay; pounded with a meat tenderizer.


Slave_Rick84 is a 33-year-old male into the sub lifestyle for over 10 years. He first started enjoying CBT when his girlfriend (at the time) would use him hard and ruin his orgasms every time. He was a premature ejaculator, so she would ruin his orgasms so she could get pleasure. Since then, he has experience in CBT, Ballbusting, forced chastity, and cum eating.

Why do you enjoy having your cock and balls tortured?

I enjoy ball torture the most. I love the idea of getting what makes me a man hurt and used. I love the faces of the women who do this to me as you can tell it brings them a pleasure as well, knowing they are taking away what makes me a man.

Why do you think some women love CBT?

As mentioned in the first question, I think the idea that the woman is taking away what makes me a man is a turn on for them. The fact that what can bring life they can take away with a few kicks or punches.

What is the most brutal and torturous thing you have had done to your cock and/or balls?

A woman who was going to bust me asked if she could bring a friend to witness it. I was okay with that. I could tell her friend was new to the kink and wanted no part of it. After going for a while and asking multiple times if she wanted to try, she caved in or let go of her fear. She delivered the most brutal and painful ballbusting I have ever experienced to date. She held nothing back and really ruined my balls.


Chuck is an older guy (64) and has been involved with CBT off and on since he was 22. Though he had dabbled in it before then.

Why do you enjoy having your cock and balls tortured?

I’m not 100 % sure. Know I have always enjoyed pain and exploring different ways to inflict pain. I do enjoy other pain, but CBT is a more intimate, trusting play.

Why do you think some women love CBT?

So many different answers to that, but the ladies that have done it were also into pain somehow.

What is the most brutal and torturous thing you have had done to your cock and/or balls?

I have had my cock and balls in a pillory when a lady has used a heavy belt and a cane on them. I’ve had the lady wear non-metal cleats and step on me. I’ve had fingernails being dug in as she gave me a hand job. My favorite, in many ways, is them being chewed on.

Mistress Pomf

Mistress Pomf is a professional and lifestyle Domme who specializes in chastity, tie & tease, breathplay, role play, toilet training, spanking, corporal punishment, CBT, humiliation, and sploshing.

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Why do you think some men enjoy having their cock and balls tortured?

Releasing control especially on a part so intimate. Or masochistic as well. Some people find certain parts of their body hurt to be erotic.

What do you love about CBT?

I like the trust involved in allowing me to go to town on an intimate and “manly” area (if they’re men).

What is the most brutal and torturous thing you have done to someone’s cock and/or balls?

For now, it would be needle play I suppose.

Video interview with Nicholas Pomf

VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Pomf w/ Nicholas Tanek


What have we learned from all of this?

Personally, I think my cock can be more useful and helpful if not tortured… but I understand the fear, pain and power exchange of CBT kink. Regardless if cock and ball torture is your kink or not, both sadists and masochists find pleasure in pain. Please, dear readers, if you are giving or receiving CBT, please make sure it is both consensual and safe.  In past interviews I’ve done, there have been women talking about performing a circumcision for BDSM purposes. Mistress Kye once got paid $1000 to slam an erect penis in a car door. One person I interviewed did a “Testicle Kebab” where she put one needle through both testicles. Another person I interviewed did a “Penis Crucifixion” (I’ll let your imagination run away with that one). By the way, you can find these video interviews by just going to the search box and typing in CBT.

My point is that cock and ball torture is all about power (or lack of power) as well as the pain. The hardcore aspects and fear of CBT create this heightened sense of both sadism and masochism. Ladies (or male Doms), did you ever want to kick someone in the balls or grab and twist them? Men, did you want a powerful woman to take your cock and punish it with violence? Both these types of women and men are out there. You are not alone. Either way, there will be some pain, moaning, and maybe blood. Still, both parties will end up happy. So, ladies (or male Doms), get ready to be sadistic. And submissive guys, you better brace yourself. This is going to hurt… bad.

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