VIDEO CHAT: LADY FELINE with Nicholas Tanek


Lady Feline is a professional Dominatrix who specializes in sissification, chastity, and CBT.  She lives in Atlanta, GA.


Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.


I have been part of the BDSM lifestyle pretty much my entire adult life, first as a submissive then as a Domme.  I started working as a Pro when a local dungeon owner was looking to start a House of Domination in 2011. My style tends to lean to more of the playful and sensual side of things.  Reading body language and knowing what is needed is how I am always in control and able to explore and test limits.  Being only 4’10 I am not the usual fantasy picture of a dominatrix, I am the Petite Power House of Atlanta.


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