VIDEO CHAT: Velvet Spade with Nicholas Tanek

Velvet Spade. A villainous vixen with fangs as sharp as her winged liner. She’s got talent in SPADES, & she eats fireballs for breakfast. She’s the circus punk you never had the nerve to approach.
Nicholas Tanek and has a video chat with her


As a person bio: I’m a natural performer and dancer, always have been. I’m a nerd, I love DnD, Magic: The Gathering. My day job is as a seamstress so I do a lot of my own costuming, I’m self-taught when it comes to makeup and I do my own makeup for all of my shoots and shows.I am pretty kinky. I’m a sadomasochist. I love playing with fire and doing other sideshow stuff like whip cracking tricks and knife throwing. I want to start doing more pain oriented sideshow things like a human pincushion. As soon as I get a staple gun I’m going to start tip stapling.

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