VIDEO CHAT: Maddie Royce w/ Nicholas Tanek

Maddie Royce is a professional online Domme. Although she spent 5+ years as a professional Dominatrix, she is now only an online Domme who makes kinky clips aboutĀ cuckolding, humiliation, sissification, and roleplaying.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.


VIDEO CHAT: Sorceress Bebe with Nicholas Tanek

Sorceress Bebe is a Los Angeles based professional Dominatrix who specializes in Findom (Financial Domination) as well as seductive psychological control. She does both real-time and online sessions. She also does fetish clips.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video interview with her.

VIDEO CHAT: Miss Adah Vonn with Nicholas Tanek

Pro-Domme Adah Vonn is a true force of nature in the FemDom world. The combination of deep beliefs in the intensity of the subconscious, Female Supremacy, and human connection makes a passionate Woman willing to use her powers for good. While finishing her degree in Theatre & Vocal Performance, Miss Vonn found kink a compelling outlet via which to pursue her constant exploration of power dynamics and the exchange of control. Based out of New York’s Hudson Valley & Manhattan, she is currently expanding her empire with sessions, travel and video clip production.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat.

VIDEO CHAT: Sugarc*nt w/ Nicholas Tanek

Sugarcunt is a nonbinary, queer, nonmonogamous, disabled sex blogger, sex educator, social media maven, and humiliatrix. Sugar loves being loud and naked on the internet for fun and profit. They are an intensely kinky switch with a wide range of dungeon and D/s role interests, whose flames are stoked by submission, but will warm the room with dominant energy.
Sugar’s professional dominatrix specialties include chastity, domestic service, financial domination, humiliation, degradation, and emotional sadism. As a sub, they are most authentically a bratty, age-independent little. Sugar began their foray into the sex industry in 2011 with blogging and reviewing sex toys, but their interests span all over the adult industry and they intend to be a “lifer” within the community.
Sugar lives with their cat and a small army of sex toys on land ceded by the Duwamish, Puget Sound Salish, and Columbia-Wenatchi tribes near Seattle, Washington. When they aren’t teaching holiday dinner guests about urethral sounding, making boys cry, or giving free marketing lessons on Twitter, they’re probably playing with their tarot deck or re-reading the rules to a game for the fourth time in a row.



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VIDEO CHAT: Jacqi Kill (The Bad Drugs) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Jacqi Kill is the lead singer of punk rock band, THE BAD DRUGS. She is a Houston born and raised, communist, professional makeup artist, kinkster, and musician. A genderqueer, polyamorous, catgirl wrangler, and punk scene native.

Jacqi has worked as a fetish entertainer, creating fun and kinky nightclub scenes. Jacqi lives in the city with her two cats and is doubly partnered.


She is in the band called The Bad Drugs.

S2 Ep 20 – Nicholas Tanek on Fetish World Podcast – “A Lot Of Cunnilingus”


Great podcast. Great episode. Very funny.

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Our friend, Jessica Knox just released an album! – “Opportunity KNOX”

Our kinky friend, Jessica Knox just released an album!

Jessica Knox is a Drag Queen from Lincoln Nebraska. She can’t dance or do death drops, but she can make music and that’s exactly what she does, that and try to look SICKENING!

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