VIDEO CHAT: Miztress Tia with Nicholas Tanek

Miztress Tia is a Professional Dominatrix located on the East Coast of Canada.  She has been described as evil and mean, yet most who come to know her find her warm and empathetic once they get past her intimidating persona.  Her specialty is impact play however she does offer other services that can be found on her website  She can also be found on Twitter and Fetflife under the same name.
Nicholas Tanek sits down as has a video interview with her.

VIDEO CHAT: Maddie Royce w/ Nicholas Tanek

Maddie Royce is a professional online Domme. Although she spent 5+ years as a professional Dominatrix, she is now only an online Domme who makes kinky clips about cuckolding, humiliation, sissification, and roleplaying.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.


VIDEO CHAT: Bailey Love with Nicholas Tanek

Bailey Love is a trans sissy porn star who works for the THE SISSY INSTITUTE by Tia Tizzianni, who performs a transformation service for crossdressers.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and talks with her on a video interview.

Our Kinky Friends Write: This Boy is Her Girl by Allison K. Atwood

This is not what you’d call a traditional story with a beginning, middle, and end. It has none of those things. I guess it sits somewhere between pornographic fantasy and wishful thinking. It’s the tale of the person I wish I was, bonding with the person I wish I could be with. The characters are unorthodox and kinky, and yet in their own way rather conventional. The setting is nowhere, and it takes place probably never, because the world where such a relationship would be possible, for me (without the consequences I fear), may not exist. But who knows?

Artwork by

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VIDEO CHAT: Octavia Achten with Nicholas Tanek

Domina Octavia Achten is a professional Dominatrix, model, and fetishist who lives the lifestyle full time. She is well educated in the multi-faceted art of BDSM. Years of experience and a natural, dominant allure give the Domina a presence that intoxicates. With a keen intellect and passions for history, foreign languages and Domination, She offers an experience that is delightfully surreal. Domina Octavia Achten is well known for her skill, and her love for her work.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

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VIDEO CHAT: Michelle Lacy with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Michelle Lacy is a highly sought after professional dominatrix who resides in South Florida where she has her own personal dungeon. She is most known for her creativity and passion in creating unforgettable adventures for those who play with her. Her skills, as well as her enthusiasm in her appointments, can be found on her website and her social media outlets. Michelle enjoys a wide range of activities. She is most known for her “creative sadism,” behavior modification, discipline, bondage, lengthy captivity, as well as her love of slave-training, as she holds an entire weekend event called The Order Of Indomitus which is dedicated to just that!
Mistress Michelle loves to travel all along the East coast and even has an additional personal studio in Long Island, NY. She loves attending events, teaching classes, and assisting in spreading awareness and education of BDSM. Despite her shiny catsuits and fierce whips, Michelle is one of the most approachable and down to earth women in the industry who cares very much for the goals and the safety of the people she sees.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

NOTE: The audio gets a little messed up on my end but stick with it, Michelle Lacy does most of the talking and she’s amazing!


VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Dream with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Dream is a polyamorous Dominatrix that loves kink. She loves crossdressers and strap-on play.
 Nicholas Tanek sits down and talks with her.