VIDEO CHAT: Governess Katherine Worthington w/ Nicholas Tanek

Governess Katherine Worthington aka Sweet Mistress Cyn is a legendary Dallas Texas based, professional domestic domme/disciplinarian/adult nanny, alt model and fetish video producer.

She has a video chat with Nicholas Tanek


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VIDEO CHAT: Juniper Jane with Nicholas Tanek

Juniper Jane is a versatile adult model, performer, and dominatrix. She’s lived a kinky life and recently decided to put her knowledge to use. From burlesque & pin-up to fetish & kink, she explores the many facets of sex. She works solo often but is now performing with trans women and cis women such as Sinn Sage. She is genderfluid and sometimes performs with a strap-on and expresses her masculine side. She offers custom videos for fetishes and kinks that aren’t normally allowed on other video sites and sells her own clips directly. She also does appearances at FootNight and other clubs. Some of her favorite themes are girl on girl, trans lesbian, foot fetish, pegging, Femme Domming, humiliatrix, BDSM, and niche fetishes and kinks.

She sits down and has a video interview with Nicholas Tanek

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Not So Secret Sex Tips by SassyWitch666

by SassyWitch666

It’s not surprising to know that I think most the articles you see in women’s magazines are stupid.  They tout these “unheard of sex positions, tricks, and techniques that will drive your partner(s) wild”  lists.  Most of these articles are usually very simple ideas that have been around forever or incredibly way out there ideas that no person would ever bother trying.

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Miss Melissa & Wayne Tabasco Interview Nicholas Tanek (video)

Yeah… This is a wonderful, weird, and silly video. Two beautiful women wearing corsets! Miss Melissa is a Domme. Wayne Tabasco is a horse puppet that is controlled by a beautiful woman who wears a red corset and giant cat head. They interview the author, Nicholas Tanek.

BDSM on a Budget: Cummy Mummy! #ThriftyKinkThursday

by Miss_Melissa_

Nicholas Tanek was making his own straight jackets as a teenager (see my favorite chapter in Chipped Black Nail Polish, titled “homemade straight jacket”), so I gave him one for his birthday several years ago. The best thing about the straight jacket is that I can use bondage even when I’m too tired to take out my rope. Lazy BDSM is still fantastic sex, but I decided we were long overdue for a session with some thoughtful planning behind it. I wanted to use something with a more complete restrictive feeling than rope or a straight jacket.

Let’s have some fun with sensory deprivation, and let’s do it for FREE! Or at least for under ten bucks, depending on what you have at home.

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VIDEO CHAT: Jada Pandora w/ Nicholas Tanek

Jada Pandora is a new to the scene sex worker, as well as an advocate and aspiring educator on topic intersecting sex and polyamory, kink/BDSM, and queer



Twitter: @JadaPandora

ORC GIRL by Ami Mercury

The legendary Ami Mercury wrote a graphic novel!


Jenny/Ghorza, a geeky 29-year-old who dreams of adventures beyond her humdrum life, is transported to a fantasy world like the ones she’s spent her whole life dreaming about. There she is captured by mercenaries but is soon “rescued” by Vargan, the leader and orc king of a raiding band of orcs. Vargan, however, gives her a choice: she can either be released and left to wander the forest of a foreign land alone or be given shelter and protection in exchange for one thing… she must surrender her freedom as his “human pet.”

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People Are The Enemy Podcast w/ Andy Mascola – Guest Nicholas Tanek

Nicholas Tanek (owner of YourKinkyFriends and author of the books Your Kinky Friends, The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself, and Chipped Black Nail Polish) sits down to talk with Andy Mascola for the PEOPLE ARE THE ENEMY PODCAST.

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Our Professional Dominatrix Friends Part III by Nicholas Tanek




Being a professional Dominatrix is a beautifully unique profession but also hard work. Here at YKF, we speak to Pro Dommes all the time. Especially in these politically turbulent times (FOSTA/SESTA), YKF wants to celebrate the Professional Dominatrix and give readers insight into their lifestyle. I decided to do a part III of the series. So, I asked several of my Professional Dominatrix friends some questions and here are their answers…

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