VIDEO CHAT: Young Scratch (Kinkster) w/ Nicholas Tanek

YoungScratch is a switch who loves power exchange. Actually, he likes all types of BDSM. These days, he has become much more open to expressing himself in kink.  He has contributed to many of my articles and is active in the Your Kinky Friends chat group on Discord.

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VIDEO CHAT: Luna Darke (submissive) talks with Nicholas Tanek

Luna Darke is a submissive who has been a good friend of mine for years. She is featured in the book, Your Kinky Friends and also has done several podcasts with me. She loves astrology and is a delightful person.

VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Porcelain Midnight (Midnight Manor) w/ Nicholas Tanek

The legendary Mistress Porcelain Midnight has a video chat with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Porcelain Midnight is an internationally published model for print, TV, movies, music videos and more. She is also the Owner and Head Mistress of The Midnight Manor. A kink facility located in San Diego. The Midnight Manor is an opulent space. It is fully equipped with the main dungeon, a medical fetish room, suspension rig, bondage bed and more. The Midnight Manor also host party’s, BDSM and Kink classes, and is available for session or party rentals.

She is also a DomCom Advisory Board Member. The industry’s largest convention for Pro, lifestyle and all things Dominatrix, BDSM, and Fetish.

IG: PorcelainMidnight

VIDEO CHAT: Courtni Demilune (Sissy Bimbo Slut) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Courtni Demilune is a Trans sissy bimbo slut porn and Chaturbate performer. Here is her interview with Nicholas Tanek.




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VIDEO CHAT: Miss Cassie (CassieLovesRope / Sanctuary Dungeon) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Miss Cassie is a Professional/Lifestyle Dominatrix, Rigger/Rope Artist, Performance Artist, Rope Bondage Instructor, BDSM Educator & Fetish Actor/Model


NOTE: The audio and video is a little weird in the beginning, but the interview works. Don’t give up on it.

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VIDEO CHAT: Bettie Bondage w/ Nicholas Tanek


Bettie Bondage has a video chat with Nicholas Tanek


Bettie Bondage is a sadist that’s been in the scene for 7+ years. Her specialties include corporal and medical fetish. She enjoys a wide variety of fetishes and is skilled in many areas. Bettie Bondage Is also an educator in the community and has taught classes at places like stockroom, Iron Gate as well as workshops in LA. She is also a fetish and stage performer who has performed such acts as making a human vase and fire needles to grinding and fire eating. She has worked in bars in LA, private events and even in SF. She is available for live sessions, education and performance bookings via her email or her website

Twitter: @MsBettieBondage

Tw @msbettiebondage

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VIDEO CHAT: Dr. J (Author/Sex Therapist) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Dr. J. arrived at her writing career after being a condom packer, sex educator, sex therapist, and finally a college professor of human sexuality. Using her vast knowledge and experience of sexuality and the mind, she continues her education efforts to integrate positive sexuality into the human experience through her stories. She writes within the Romance and Erotica genres.






Amazon Author Page:


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VIDEO CHAT: Amy Vodkahaus (Makeup/Transformation artist) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Amy Vodkahaus / Steve Euro is a makeup artist, fetish worker and a performance artist located in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past several years Amy has been providing a one-stop-shop crossdressing boutique and photo studio services to crossdressers, TS, TG, and TV community. Amy’s expertise lies in feminization, however, she dabbles into sissyfication when it comes to accompanying her clients out in public as one of the services. Please check her website for details. When not freelancing Amy does an occasional drag show or works on movies with HMM Films, Wretched Productions, and Troma Entertainment. Stay tuned for her upcoming punk rock horror musical where she played a psychotic fetish working gang leader.
On instagram Vodkahaus and M2Fantasy (same on Flickr and Tumblr)
FetLife: Vodkahaus


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VIDEO CHAT: Aubri McEachern (Makeup and Transformation Artist) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Aubri is a makeup and transformation artist who works at Janet’s Dungeon in Michigan. Nicholas Tanek had a video interview with her.

Aubri has been working with Janet’s since October and has been their makeup and transformation artist since November. She specializes in male to female makeup and dressing. On her free-time she enjoys making art and music. She is currently working on an apprenticeship towards becoming a tattoo artist. Meeting new people and hearing new stories are Aubri’s favorite part of working at Janet’s. She’s gender fluid, but normally goes by she/her pronouns. Her favorite food is Pho Noodles and her horoscope is Taurus.

Instagram: @janetsdungeon / @janets.closet

Twitter: @janets_closet

My personal fetlife: sonsi

VIDEO CHAT: Anna & Jelly (Chaturbaters) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Anna & Jelly are the Original Chaturbaters of Hitachi Torture, The Domi Tie, Wondage, and Ropework. Nicholas Tanek from has a video interview with them.

Anna & Jelly on Chaturbate:

Twitter: @AnnaJellyCB 

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