Our Financial Dominatrix (Findom) Friends by Nicholas Tanek

Money is power. It’s as simple as that. If you give it or if you receive it, there is a power exchange. Findom (or Financial Dommes) basically make a living using their sexuality to have people give them money. Sometimes, it’s sadistic and humiliating. Other times, it’s more of a situation where the client wants to spoil and make the financial Dominatrix happy. Either way, this is a popular but misunderstood fetish. So, I asked some of my FinDom friends some questions and here are their answers.


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Our Kinky Submissive Friends by Nicholas Tanek

Being submissive is an art form that is cultivated and enhanced through practice and patience. Submissive kinksters offer a specific kind of trust that is not easy to find and may be abused by their dominant counterparts. The openness of a submissive can be interpreted as weakness, but in fact, the ability to submit requires great strength. There are submissive friends who live the lifestyle 24/7 and there are the ones who submit just in the bedroom. Either way, submissives are a valuable part of the BDSM community. I gathered some of my favorite submissive friends, and I asked them several questions.

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Our Erotic Kinky Artist Friends Part II by Nicholas Tanek

The power of creativity mixed with eroticism is limitless, weird, and beautiful. Once again, I needed to reach out to my erotic kinky artist friends and ask them several questions about erotic/kinky art.

Here are their answers…

Mental Bondage by Forneycation

Its no secret that the BDSM world is full of wonderful toys meant to take you to the edge of ecstasy or agony, beautiful adornments for the body, and furniture to act as a stage for your kinky scene. I love it all. I love my floggers, my collars, my corsets, and my violet wand. I even find myself gazing at things I don’t think I’d ever want to try because its all so fascinating! Despite my enthusiasm, I know that my kink goes a little deeper. With me, it all starts in the brain. I’ve had brutal scenes where many toys were used, but I didn’t feel submissive. This is important to me. Contrary wise, I’ve had scenes where no toys were used, but I was so deep into subspace I was almost in tears. I won’t be able to cover everything as there is no end to what you can do, but I hope what I can cover will spark your kinky imagination.  A mental tool I love so much is obedience training.

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A Tale of Two Cocks by Tangled Blue

I bought my first real sex toy in 1999 from the Good Vibrations catalog. It was a jelly purple thing that had five glorious speeds. It lasted four months.  Since then, I’ve expanded my collection of toys to include buzzy, thrusty, spinning things, and simple smooth glass.  I’ve had wands and rabbits; bullets and teasers; monsters and minis.  They have all had their perks and downfalls.  I love looking for new toys.

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Thrifty Kink Thursday: Sex Stuff Storage

by Miss Melissa AND TangledBlue

The beautiful Miss Melissa and I are kinksters. I know this shocks our faithful readers because we do come off as chaste demure women who blush at the mention of the word “tinkle.”  But in reality, we are huge fans of the weird things that make our loins go buzzy. We think one of the best things about kink is all the toys. If you have begun your own adventure in exploring ideas behind bondage, power play, pet play, and other exciting endeavors, you will start to collect STUFF. We decided to put our pretty little heads together and offer Our Kinky Friends advice on how to manage all the glorious stuff of kink.

You will see people lay out their collections like this and people swoon. Most humans can’t leave their collections out on the coffee table like a book on National Parks.

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Not So Secret Sex Tips by SassyWitch666

by SassyWitch666

It’s not surprising to know that I think most the articles you see in women’s magazines are stupid.  They tout these “unheard of sex positions, tricks, and techniques that will drive your partner(s) wild”  lists.  Most of these articles are usually very simple ideas that have been around forever or incredibly way out there ideas that no person would ever bother trying.

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Living M/s (Master/slave) 24/7 by Master Bear

The Rule of Three – Part One

The biggest mistake that I see most new Masters make is having an extensive list of things that they want their slave to do. New Masters often times put unnecessary pressure on themselves by expecting everything all at once. Having a huge list in the beginning creates a couple of different issues.

First off, understand that if you as a Master cannot remember all of the things that you are requesting of your slave then why should your slave remember?  Secondly, this creates an unrealistic expectation on both you as well as your slave as to what can be realistically achieved in the early days of your dynamic. Slaves want to excel, they want to give, and they want to be the best they can for the Masters that they love. So set them and you up for success.

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Our Professional Phone Sex Friends Part III by Nicholas Tanek

The voice of a sexy woman can make a difference in your life, especially when she is kinky, intelligent and kind. PepLove.com is a luxury all-female owned and operated kinky phone sex and consultation line. So, to finalize this phone sex series of articles, I wanted to ask the ladies of Pep Love a couple of questions regarding the phone sex business.

Here are their answers…

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A Kinky Start – Our Friends Discuss Their First Real Kink Experience by Nicholas Tanek

Everything has a beginning. There are various ways to initiate a kinky/BDSM lifestyle. It may start with playfully exploring kink and the offer of a little spank here or there. Perhaps, dabbling in light bondage awakens something inside of you. Or maybe, you slip on silk panties just to try them on for fun. But then one day the line between curiosity and desire is crossed, and you discover a driving need for more. BDSM becomes part of your life. So I asked a couple of my kinky friends about their first experiences of living out fantasies.

Here are their answers…

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