Our Erotic Kinky Artist Friends Part II by Nicholas Tanek

The power of creativity mixed with eroticism is limitless, weird, and beautiful. Once again, I needed to reach out to my erotic kinky artist friends and ask them several questions about erotic/kinky art.

Here are their answers…

VIDEO CHAT: Mischa Eliot (Erotica Author) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Mischa Eliot is an office Superhero by day, Smutty Erotica Author by night getting you turned on with the hottest stories.  She has a talk with Nicholas Tanek from YourKinkyFriends.com


#EuphOff: TENTacles

by Miss_Melissa_


My dear most treasured friend, Tangled Blue, asked me to join in on the #EuphOff contest. After weeks of writer’s block, despite coming up with a ROCK SOLID THEME, my kitten muse inspired me with a horrible sea-themed metaphor and suddenly, the oyster revealed its brown, greasy pearl.

The Other Livvy’s annual #EuphOff is a brilliant contest, and there’s still some time left to enter. All you need is 500 words and you’re in the running to win a cool new sex toy! Check it out here.

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VIDEO CHAT: Charlton C. Tod (author/sex blogger) interviewed by Nicholas Tanek

YOUR KINKY FRIENDS interviews Charlton C. Tod

Founder of “Forbidden Writings”. Erotic story-teller, erotica blogger, Primal Predator, and providing advice on sex, sexuality, and the erotica genre.

Twitter: @Charlton_Tod

Buy Ritual Offerings on Amazon.

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Smut Marathon: I Hope my Writing Floats your Boat

By Tangled Blue

Writing has always been important to me.  I was the girl in the neighborhood who wrote dramatic plays and then forced my childhood friends to perform my work in the backyard for an audience of squirrels. In high school, I wrote sordid love stories about yearbook camp, dark room blow jobs, and kinky farm parties and submitted them in my creative writing classes just to make my teachers blush.  Now, I write fluffy little nonsense stories for my own pleasure,  and lately I’ve been wanting to expand my writing horizons and be more daring.  

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