VIDEO CHAT: WolvyGirl with Nicholas Tanek

WolvyGirl is an intersex two-spirit (trans girl) who does online content. Her favorites are kinks are pet play, primal, bondage, dom/sub, and painShe is in a poly relationship and enjoys furries, Muay Thai, motorcycle, reading, studying, folklore, history, tabletop games, nature/hiking, etc.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.


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VIDEO CHAT: Forneycation w/ Nicholas Tanek

Forneycation lived the first half of her life in Palmdale, CA, but now resides in a very small college town in Missouri, just minutes away from the Kansas and Oklahoma border. She has been active in the local scene on and off for 8 years. She is currently a trustee in her local group that she is trying to help build so that local kinksters can have a safe, fun, friendly, and educational space. Forneycation is also a new kinky youtuber. As a kinkster, she is a romantic submissive who enjoys Cg/l, pet play, impact play, electricity, fire, bondage, and playing with fear, though there is much more she’d like to explore. She first had BDSM experiences when she was too young, but was in love and wanted to explore. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t work out so well, but then she attended her first munch when she was 18 and has strived to take better care of herself as a submissive. She now is in an open, but vanilla marriage. Forneycation is also a huge animation, horror, film in general, and musical theatre nerd. These things can often find themselves being intertwined with kink whether it is watching cartoons in little space or researching kinky movies to later show friends.

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VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Lillian Bastet w/ Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Lillian Bastet is a Professional Dominatrix and Artist based out of San Francisco, California. It was through her performance art that she got introduced to the world of BDSM and began to dive into the practices of domination. She approaches each session as she does her art by creating an open space for expression, creativity, and catharsis to be shared and witnessed. She refers to herself as a sensual sadist and especially enjoys play that involves some type of intentional transformation. Activities such as impact play, (to experience pain for release and pleasure), sensory deprivation (to free the mind and listen to the body), feminization (to be seen in a new way without judgment), and slave training (to teach and expand one’s ability to understand and practice servitude.) are just some of her favorites. Regardless of the play, she is most inspired by the unique connection that can happen in the D/s dynamic and feels that through this vulnerability, the empowerment of each individual can be awakened.

As a makeup and performance artist, Mistress Lillian enjoys developing and evolving herself as a dominatrix and finds that this seeps into her artistry outside of the dungeon space. She can be seen performing in clubs and stages around the Bay Area or collaborating on conceptual photography for digital and print. Having recently attended her first DomCon, she is more inspired than ever to do and promote this kind of work and is looking to develop workshops that offer insight into the practiced skills and creative passion that go into being a dominatrix.

Nicholas Tanek has a video chat with her.


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