Five Kink Podcasts That Made My Life Better

By Nicholas Tanek


Since I started listening to podcasts, I never listen to the radio anymore. I barely even listen to music in the car. Podcasts are a way for people to express themselves, connect with others, and learn something new. The kink community is huge but still somewhat “underground.” Podcasting has its own community too. As an author (Your Kinky Friends), I have been on several podcasts to discuss my books.  Through one podcast (Off The Cuffs: A BDSM & Kink Podcast), a whole world has opened up for me, which led to new friends and experiences. Here are some podcasts that are essential listening for anyone who is interested in kink.

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The BDSM Episode w/ Nicholas Tanek & Luna Darke – One Guy Talking Podcast


This is video of Nicholas Tanek & Luna Darke being guests on the One Guy Talking Podcast. It’s the BDSM/kink episode.


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