Our Kinky ROPE Friends by Nicholas Tanek


In the BDSM community, there is a trust and artform that are intertwined when it comes to rope. (I was not trying to make a pun in that last sentence.) What I am trying to say is that there is a beauty in the artwork of the knots and the play. There is also a sensual aspect to a person being bound and their partner wielding the power to tie them. Rope. Rope. Rope. Rope. Rope. I love rope and I love being tied up… and tying people up!  So, I asked my rope-loving rigger friends some questions.


Here are their answers…

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VIDEO CHAT: Goddess Sombra with Nicholas Tanek

Goddess Sombra is a Dominatrix and rigger located in South Florida. She found her way into BDSM at the age of eighteen years old. A Sadist, Mistress and all around kinky woman, she proudly lives the lifestyle to its fullest.

Outside of being a professional Domme, she is an active member in the South Florida Community. She loves attending local rope events, as well as teaching classes. She plans to teach at conventions in 2019! Goddess Sombra teaches classes on Impact Play, Scene Negotiations, Orgasm Control/ Tease and Denial, as well as Sexual Education and how to please women better in bed.

She has appeared at events including Slave To Eden and will be attending the Order of Indomitus (November 2018)

 Her goal is to be able to educate and share her experiences with others. Sharing with them the same sense of belonging she felt upon entering the community and shedding light on Female Dominance, kink, Polyamory, and living a happy queer life to those curious about it.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video interview with her.