VIDEO CHAT: Jay Tesst with Nicholas Tanek

Jay is a forty-something Dominant Sadist and has been a kinkster for over 20 years. He has been actively trying to educate people about kink for just as long.
He recently joined the BoldPleasures tribe to actively educate non-kinksters and kinksters alike about kink and sexuality.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and chats with him.

A Tale of Two Cocks by Tangled Blue

I bought my first real sex toy in 1999 from the Good Vibrations catalog. It was a jelly purple thing that had five glorious speeds. It lasted four months.  Since then, I’ve expanded my collection of toys to include buzzy, thrusty, spinning things, and simple smooth glass.  I’ve had wands and rabbits; bullets and teasers; monsters and minis.  They have all had their perks and downfalls.  I love looking for new toys.

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Thrifty Kink Thursday: Sex Stuff Storage

by Miss Melissa AND TangledBlue

The beautiful Miss Melissa and I are kinksters. I know this shocks our faithful readers because we do come off as chaste demure women who blush at the mention of the word “tinkle.”  But in reality, we are huge fans of the weird things that make our loins go buzzy. We think one of the best things about kink is all the toys. If you have begun your own adventure in exploring ideas behind bondage, power play, pet play, and other exciting endeavors, you will start to collect STUFF. We decided to put our pretty little heads together and offer Our Kinky Friends advice on how to manage all the glorious stuff of kink.

You will see people lay out their collections like this and people swoon. Most humans can’t leave their collections out on the coffee table like a book on National Parks.

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Sex Toys and Furniture for the Disabled Part Two: An Interview with Nick Mahler

by SassyWitch666
Every day those of us with disabilities have to find new and inventive ways to make the world work for us.  It’s not always easy, and when it comes to something as personal as meeting ones sexual desires there can be many obstacles.  Motor function, flexibility, pain, libido, and balance can all interfere with a quality sex, but using toys can really help bring pleasure to anyone’s life.

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Sex Toys and Furniture for People who Live with Disabilities

By SassyWitch666
Recently Nicholas Tanek,  our awesome leader of YKF,  did an interview with SugarCunt,  a sex toy tester who has a disability.

(Watch it, it’s great!)
This video got me thinking. Are there sex toys out there specifically for those of us who have a physical disabilities?
So I did a little research and found out some great toys! How cool is that?

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VIDEO CHAT: Sugarc*nt w/ Nicholas Tanek

Sugarcunt is a nonbinary, queer, nonmonogamous, disabled sex blogger, sex educator, social media maven, and humiliatrix. Sugar loves being loud and naked on the internet for fun and profit. They are an intensely kinky switch with a wide range of dungeon and D/s role interests, whose flames are stoked by submission, but will warm the room with dominant energy.
Sugar’s professional dominatrix specialties include chastity, domestic service, financial domination, humiliation, degradation, and emotional sadism. As a sub, they are most authentically a bratty, age-independent little. Sugar began their foray into the sex industry in 2011 with blogging and reviewing sex toys, but their interests span all over the adult industry and they intend to be a “lifer” within the community.
Sugar lives with their cat and a small army of sex toys on land ceded by the Duwamish, Puget Sound Salish, and Columbia-Wenatchi tribes near Seattle, Washington. When they aren’t teaching holiday dinner guests about urethral sounding, making boys cry, or giving free marketing lessons on Twitter, they’re probably playing with their tarot deck or re-reading the rules to a game for the fourth time in a row.



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Kitten Tales: Master Masturbation

by Tangled Blue

Exploring your body can be one of the greatest joys in this world.  Toys, techniques, and the power of imagination can inspire the rapture of orgasmic delight and it feels fucking incredible.  I consider myself a master of masturbation. I  play for hours edging myself until I can’t hold the waves of pleasure back any longer.  Sometimes,  I sneak a quickie orgasm on a television commercial break just for fun.  My technique of choice depends on mood, need and time. I like to put a little silly fun into all my play and I think it’s good to keep even self-love spicy.  

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VIDEO CHAT: Ginger Huntress (The Horny Huntress) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Ginger Huntress is the manager of operations and outreach at Self Serve Toys, a sex educator, speaker and social media maven. She is also phone consultant at

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