Our Kinky Friends Discuss the Sexuality of HALLOWEEN Costumes by Nicholas Tanek

I love Halloween. The atmosphere of delightfully creepy things is the perfect backdrop for wicked fun.  Now, people are allowed to dress up any time of year.  If I want to dress as Batman on the fourth of July, I will put on a mask and run around my house saving the houseplants.   I may want to be a sissy maid on a Tuesday night so I put on my French maid outfit and let my Domme fuck me with a strap-on dildo.  I can do this any day of the year, but the Halloween season makes dressing up magical.

It feels so good to put on a costume and be someone different for a little while. Adults have the option to add the spin of sex appeal to their tricks and treats.  Normally shy people may be strutting around in corsets and thongs and the energy is infectious.  The classic sexy costumes like French maid, sexy nurse, or Morticia from The Addams Family are always a welcome sight, but the creative aspect of Halloween makes it extra exciting.  I never know what sexed up concoction I will see at a dungeon party, Wal-Mart, or tagging along for trick or treating. I may see John Snow from Game of Thrones looking hot in a pair of fishnets with a little cleavage showing or Bert and Ernie in ball gags and leather.  Adults are sexual beings and Halloween is the perfect holiday to let sexual creativity come out to play.

The sexuality of Halloween costumes has always intrigued me. So, I asked my kinky friends about how outfits affect and change their sex lives.

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VIDEO CHAT: Bailey Love with Nicholas Tanek

Bailey Love is a trans sissy porn star who works for the THE SISSY INSTITUTE by Tia Tizzianni, who performs a transformation service for crossdressers.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and talks with her on a video interview.

VIDEO CHAT: Nyxi Leon with Nicholas Tanek

Nyxi Leon is a trans porn actress who was feminized by Tia Tizzianni.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

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VIDEO CHAT: Amy Vodkahaus (Makeup/Transformation artist) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Amy Vodkahaus / Steve Euro is a makeup artist, fetish worker and a performance artist located in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the past several years Amy has been providing a one-stop-shop crossdressing boutique and photo studio services to crossdressers, TS, TG, and TV community. Amy’s expertise lies in feminization, however, she dabbles into sissyfication when it comes to accompanying her clients out in public as one of the services. Please check her website M2Fantasy.com for details. When not freelancing Amy does an occasional drag show or works on movies with HMM Films, Wretched Productions, and Troma Entertainment. Stay tuned for her upcoming punk rock horror musical where she played a psychotic fetish working gang leader.
On instagram Vodkahaus and M2Fantasy (same on Flickr and Tumblr)
FetLife: Vodkahaus



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