VIDEO CHAT: Dr. Gloria Brame w/ Nicholas Tanek

Award-winning sex therapist, pioneering sexologist, and best-selling author, Dr. Gloria Brame has been a legendary figure in the world of BDSM since publishing her classic text, Different Loving, in 1993. A former English professor, Gloria’s began researching, writing, and erotically exploring radical sex and fluid relationships in the early 1980s. Gloria founded the first online BDSM support group on Compuserve in 1987 and has not ceased since then to advance the cause of sexual progress and to help destroy the anti-sex myths and bigotries that destroy human lives through her books, blogs, and projects.

VIDEO CHAT: Master Bear and slave eve w/ Nicholas Tanek

Master Bear and slave eve are a dynamic BDSM couple who live the Master/slave dynamic. They are very active in the kink community.


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VIDEO CHAT: Bex Caputo (BexTalksSex & Dildorks) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Bex Caputo is a sex educator, blogger, speaker, podcaster, and dildo peddler. They’ve been a proud and undeniable kinkster ever since they insisted on being served their meals in a dog bowl at the age of 8, (and even before that, probably). They’re a Virgo,1 a Hufflepuff, a pup, and a nonbinary queerdo who grew up into the pop punk skater boy they had a crush on in high school.

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VIDEO CHAT: Mechanical Pencil Girl (Fetish Illustrator) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Mechanical Pencil Girl is a Fetish Illustrator, Pervert, Sadomasochist, and Existential Absurdist with a penchant for buying too many books. This is a video chat with Nicholas Tanek.


Website [Rather inactive]:
Fetlife: mechapencilgirl


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VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Elaina de la Mer (PepLove) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Elaina de la Mer from talks with Nicholas Tanek from

Elaina is a lifestyle Mistress and PEP Lady since 2013 and the Executive Coordinator of PEP since 2015. She is open to exploring all areas of sexuality including kink, fetish and BDSM with clients and especially enjoys exploring topics that are considered taboo. She enjoys facilitating her clients’ fantasies and helping them to be able to open up and be themselves, in so doing they are able to accept their kinks and grow as a person, submissive, slut or slave. Along with her phone sex and in-person sessions, Elaina produces fetish clips for Giantess, Incest and Femdom fans.

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VIDEO CHAT: Mischa Eliot (Erotica Author) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Mischa Eliot is an office Superhero by day, Smutty Erotica Author by night getting you turned on with the hottest stories.  She has a talk with Nicholas Tanek from


VIDEO CHAT: Luna Darke (submissive) talks with Nicholas Tanek

Luna Darke is a submissive who has been a good friend of mine for years. She is featured in the book, Your Kinky Friends and also has done several podcasts with me. She loves astrology and is a delightful person.

VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Porcelain Midnight (Midnight Manor) w/ Nicholas Tanek

The legendary Mistress Porcelain Midnight has a video chat with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Porcelain Midnight is an internationally published model for print, TV, movies, music videos and more. She is also the Owner and Head Mistress of The Midnight Manor. A kink facility located in San Diego. The Midnight Manor is an opulent space. It is fully equipped with the main dungeon, a medical fetish room, suspension rig, bondage bed and more. The Midnight Manor also host party’s, BDSM and Kink classes, and is available for session or party rentals.

She is also a DomCom Advisory Board Member. The industry’s largest convention for Pro, lifestyle and all things Dominatrix, BDSM, and Fetish.

IG: PorcelainMidnight

VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Dream with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Dream is a polyamorous Dominatrix that loves kink. She loves crossdressers and strap-on play.
 Nicholas Tanek sits down and talks with her.