Embrace Your Inner Weirdo

Our Kinky Friends Discuss the Beauty of Being Eccentric

By Nicholas Tanek 

I’m not only kinky, but I’m a weirdo. I like weird films. I like bizarre music. I like to eat weird foods. When I was a teenager, I made homemade straight jackets and came in my pants. I enjoyed staring into space for long periods of time and made bizarre noises for fun. I didn’t even understand it. Even before I did drugs, I loved absurd humor. One of my favorite sketches was “The Pear Dream” from The Kids in The Hall. When Adult Swim came along, I felt like there was a whole bunch of people who understood me… even though I didn’t always understand their work.

I don’t try to be weird. (Okay…sometimes I do when I’m hanging out with my other weird friends to make them laugh.) My point is my eccentric behavior is deeply ingrained in me. I think it is a mixture of OCD, my addiction issues, my love of psychedelic culture, and my love of the creative arts. After all this time, I am comfortable being this weirdo and I don’t care what “normal” people think of my weirdness.

Being a part of the kink community, I’ve met some wonderful and weird people who embrace their eccentricities. So I asked them a couple of questions about being weird, feeling weird, and embracing their weirdness.  Here are their answers.


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