VIDEO CHAT: MsMadyson with Nicholas Tanek

Mistress MsMadyson A. DeLaRough, but you can call her MsMadyson {do note that it is big M little “s” big M no space. } It’s that way for a reason which happens to be that is how she wants it… She has known about the lifestyle in 1988, got in 1991 & became a Pro Dom in 2000. She does what she loves. Her whole family knows & she does her personal best to not hide from them or the people she chooses to love.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and hast a video chat with her.



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Heroes of the Kink Community Part IV by Nicholas Tanek

The kink community has wonderful people who educate and help other kinky people. Sometimes, it is through podcasts. Other times, it is through groups or books. Here at YKF, we know many heroes in the BDSM/kink community. I asked our friends a couple questions and here are their answers.

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VIDEO CHAT: Jada Pandora w/ Nicholas Tanek

Jada Pandora is a new to the scene sex worker, as well as an advocate and aspiring educator on topic intersecting sex and polyamory, kink/BDSM, and queer



Twitter: @JadaPandora

Living M/s (Master/slave) 24/7 by Master Bear

The Rule of Three – Part One

The biggest mistake that I see most new Masters make is having an extensive list of things that they want their slave to do. New Masters often times put unnecessary pressure on themselves by expecting everything all at once. Having a huge list in the beginning creates a couple of different issues.

First off, understand that if you as a Master cannot remember all of the things that you are requesting of your slave then why should your slave remember?  Secondly, this creates an unrealistic expectation on both you as well as your slave as to what can be realistically achieved in the early days of your dynamic. Slaves want to excel, they want to give, and they want to be the best they can for the Masters that they love. So set them and you up for success.

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VIDEO CHAT: Lady Absinthe w/ Nicholas Tanek

Lady Absinthe is a fetish model, Mistress, and cam girl. She specializes in Anal Training, Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Jerk-off Instruction, Orgasm Denial, Chastity Training, Submission, Tit/Nipple Torture, Whips, Condoms, Gags & Blindfolds, Humiliation, Masks, Rubber / Latex / PVC, Smoking, Foot Fetish, Outfit, Tattoos, FinDom.

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VIDEO CHAT: Dr. Gloria Brame w/ Nicholas Tanek

Award-winning sex therapist, pioneering sexologist, and best-selling author, Dr. Gloria Brame has been a legendary figure in the world of BDSM since publishing her classic text, Different Loving, in 1993. A former English professor, Gloria’s began researching, writing, and erotically exploring radical sex and fluid relationships in the early 1980s. Gloria founded the first online BDSM support group on Compuserve in 1987 and has not ceased since then to advance the cause of sexual progress and to help destroy the anti-sex myths and bigotries that destroy human lives through her books, blogs, and projects.

VIDEO CHAT: Master Bear and slave eve w/ Nicholas Tanek

Master Bear and slave eve are a dynamic BDSM couple who live the Master/slave dynamic. They are very active in the kink community.


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Talking Dirty! BDSM On A Budget #ThriftyKinkThursday


by Miss_Melissa_

When it comes to sexuality, people often overlook the sexiest of sex organs: the brain. Sexy, after all, is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter your dress size, your blemishes, your physical limitations, your lingerie or lack thereof – it’s all in the presentation. It’s an attitude. It’s a voice. You can use your imagination and your words to paint a scene, to transport your partner to a place they’ve never been before.

“I’ve been told that I’m very, very good at this.”

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BDSM On A Budget: YKF Interviewee Edition #ThriftyKinkThursday

by Miss_Melissa_

In his interviews, the Esteemed Nicholas Tanek has graciously included a budget kink question as a nod to these Thrifty Kink articles we try to post each week. The amazing folks that have answered this question have given some really fantastic ideas, and so I thought it was time to start harvesting these pearls of wisdom.

This is the first part in an ongoing series of Thrifty Kink articles that will feature a handful of excellent budget-minded BDSM gear suggestions from the witty, resourceful, kinky minds of the many people Nicholas has and will interview in days to come!
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VIDEO CHAT: Alex Andrews (SWOP – Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Alex is a 53 year old sex worker alumni who has lived experience under criminalization of consensual sex work. She is the Co-Founder of SWOP Behind Bars and sits on the Board of Directors of NSWP as the North American Representative. Alex has been working with men, women and trans folks who have been incarcerated and also have experience in the sex industry and works to reduce the shame, discrimination and stigma of sex work by showing up at community meetings and town hall discussions on trafficking and using herself as an example to demonstrate that sex workers are just like everyone else. She has been called a “watchdog” of anti-trafficking activity and is committed to the unification of sex worker rights in the United States.