VIDEO CHAT: Mistress Lillian Bastet w/ Nicholas Tanek

Mistress Lillian Bastet is a Professional Dominatrix and Artist based out of San Francisco, California. It was through her performance art that she got introduced to the world of BDSM and began to dive into the practices of domination. She approaches each session as she does her art by creating an open space for expression, creativity, and catharsis to be shared and witnessed. She refers to herself as a sensual sadist and especially enjoys play that involves some type of intentional transformation. Activities such as impact play, (to experience pain for release and pleasure), sensory deprivation (to free the mind and listen to the body), feminization (to be seen in a new way without judgment), and slave training (to teach and expand one’s ability to understand and practice servitude.) are just some of her favorites. Regardless of the play, she is most inspired by the unique connection that can happen in the D/s dynamic and feels that through this vulnerability, the empowerment of each individual can be awakened.

As a makeup and performance artist, Mistress Lillian enjoys developing and evolving herself as a dominatrix and finds that this seeps into her artistry outside of the dungeon space. She can be seen performing in clubs and stages around the Bay Area or collaborating on conceptual photography for digital and print. Having recently attended her first DomCon, she is more inspired than ever to do and promote this kind of work and is looking to develop workshops that offer insight into the practiced skills and creative passion that go into being a dominatrix.

Nicholas Tanek has a video chat with her.


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VIDEO CHAT: Lady Remedy Ann w/ Nicholas Tanek

Lady Remedy Ann is a sensually charged Mistress from Los Angeles. She offers professional services out of Sanctuary Studios since they first opened up almost 7 years ago. she was independent prior to that since 2006. Specialties are latex, She is also a fetish performance artist and have done 2 feature films “Code name Diablo.” and “The Blond Squad.” She is also in the music video Phantagram’s “You don’t get me high anymore.” She has also performed at AVN, DomCon, and have been featured and several cable shows about BDSM.

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VIDEO CHAT: Goddess Nyx w/ Nicholas Tanek

Goddess Nyx is a Los Angeles based artist, fetish model and experience creator with a penchant for freaks and a body of curves that will take your breath away… literally. Her fetish interests are deeply varied and ever-growing, but some of her favorites include smothering/squishing, sensation play, wrestling, sploshing, pet play and cbt. When she is not busting balls at Sanctuary Studios she is usually working on her line of faux fur clothing and kink accessories, because she believes that life would be better if it were fuzzier.

VIDEO CHAT: Susan Wright (National Coalition For Sexual Freedom) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Susan Wright founded the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom in 1997, and currently serves as Spokesperson and Director of Incident Reporting & Response. Susan has presented over a hundred seminars for professional organizations, Universities and community groups on discrimination against consenting adults, consent, and sex & the media. She chaired the successful DSM-5 Revision Project which resulted in unusual sexual practices between consenting adults being separated from Paraphilic Disorders. Susan has also conducted several surveys documenting discrimination and violence against BDSM practitioners as well as consent practices and attitudes. Her research has been published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, Journal of Sexual Medicine, Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research, International Journal of Social Psychiatry, and Journal of Homosexuality.
@NCSF on twitter

VIDEO CHAT: Evil Opal (Original Silk Domme) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Goddess Evil Opal is a professional and lifestyle domina who’s been active in the kink scene for over a decade. She’s based in Tampa Bay, Florida but she enjoys traveling and meeting kinky people in every corner of the globe. Over the years she’s been involved in a variety of bdsm events & organizations, including writing for Creative Loafing, owning a transformation salon/photography service for crossdressers and hosting a popular monthly play party for t-girls & their admirers. She’s been making femdom fetish porn since 2007 and is now writing her first book, a collection of erotic stories set in a world ruled by women where all the men are slaves.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

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VIDEO CHAT: Arianna Tysinger (Actor/Burlesque Dancer/Comic) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Arianna Tysinger is a working actress, model, and comedian born and raised in North Carolina. In her free time (the rare times that she has it), she enjoys getting Taco Bell, playing Cards Against Humanity, and telling really bad puns.

Here she sits down with Nicholas Tanek for a video chat.



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VIDEO CHAT: Mechanical Pencil Girl (Fetish Illustrator) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Mechanical Pencil Girl is a Fetish Illustrator, Pervert, Sadomasochist, and Existential Absurdist with a penchant for buying too many books. This is a video chat with Nicholas Tanek.


Website [Rather inactive]:
Fetlife: mechapencilgirl


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VIDEO CHAT: Mischa Eliot (Erotica Author) w/ Nicholas Tanek

Mischa Eliot is an office Superhero by day, Smutty Erotica Author by night getting you turned on with the hottest stories.  She has a talk with Nicholas Tanek from


VIDEO CHAT: Young Scratch (Kinkster) w/ Nicholas Tanek

YoungScratch is a switch who loves power exchange. Actually, he likes all types of BDSM. These days, he has become much more open to expressing himself in kink.  He has contributed to many of my articles and is active in the Your Kinky Friends chat group on Discord.

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#ThriftyKinkThursday: Back to School

Thrifty Kinksters.  Ten Dollars. Super Fun.  

by Miss_Melissa_


BDSM calls to many people but willing kinksters can be inhibited by the cost of the tools. It is well worth it to invest in high quality BDSM toys, but sometimes you want to play around with an idea before committing your funds.  Leather floggers, ball gags, and latex wear can really break the bank. Your Kinky Friends decided to challenge ourselves to create experiences that cost less than ten bucks. We will use traditional BSDM ideas and use our imaginations and ingenuity to help you get the most bang for your buck. 

As always…use common sense when playing and put safety first!

This is our fifth entry for our Thrifty Kink series: Back to School.

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