Thank you…

Throughout my kinky journeys, I have become friends with some wonderful, kind, and kinky people. The Your Kinky Friends chat group on Discord is wonderful!

YKF and myself would like to thank the following people:

Miss Melissa,  Tangled Blue aka KittWolf, Luna Darke, MushMush, SassyWitch666, YoungScratch,, Ami Mercury, Sera Miles, Consensually Speaking With Gio, Mistress Cassie, Randee, Jessica from Producers Of The Word, Dominus Blue & baby j from Black People Kink Podcast, MajikRoxx, ProudToBeKinky Podcast (Floss), Fargonia, Jaded Beauty, Allison AKA, Kinsey,  SissyMillie, Jady J, and all the weird, wonderful people of the kink community.

Remember… Be cool, be kind, and keep an open mind.


Join us at the YOUR KINKY FRIENDS chat group on Discord