VIDEO CHAT: Sade Viscaria w/ Nicholas Tanek

Sade Viscaria, a 29-year-old trans/genderqueer woman at the time of interview, is a 12 year adult entertainment industry worker, smut content creator, model/performer, sex worker, activist, musician/singer-songwriter, writer/poet and artist.

Update: in the interview, originally she was known as Delirium Sade, but has since then undergone re-branding since the last time we had a live chat interview together, and will be returning for a follow-up interview. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram or support her work on ManyVids, iWantClips, Clips4Sale, FetLife, etc.

Delirium Sade aka also has at least 10 years’ experience in the BDSM lifestyle community and has volunteered at events with SF Citadel and a few other organizations during her tenure


Since the age of 18, Sade has been around in the porn/sex work industry for 10+ years, starting out as a stripper in a college town before a transgender hate crime ended her stripping career due to back injuries she sustained from a group of white supremacists, and then working her way up from there after a year of rehab to get into webcam work, having done underground porn for several smaller companies, phone sex work and eventually pro submissive sessions for a lesser-known dungeon in her early days. It wasn’t until 5 years ago when things started to pick up momentum for her sex work/porn industry career by joining a small indie alt porn company doing shoots by being naked and getting stoned on weed while masturbating with a vibrator. Since then, she had brought back an old indie company from the dead (which Sade and her late wife started nearly 10 years ago) under its old name known as Transcended Perversion Arts, documenting mostly kinky and naughty photos and some video content of Sade and her late wife, who was her first Mistress and her first love, of their journey together. After Sade’s wife committed suicide on Sade’s 21st birthday, Sade went on the road and traveled/lived everywhere around the world from London to California, and everywhere else in-between.


Her company, eventually relaunched and reborn as Kink Revolution Arts, started making some strides with a few more shoots, and it wasn’t until 2014 when things started to really take off under her revamped company, Delirium Sade Productions. But due to financial struggles and not making enough money off the content she created in the last 5 recent shoots she did in a total of the final 3-4 years of her company’s tenure, Delirium Sade Productions closed its doors permanently after 10 years of operations with this small porn studio. She resumed her sex work career doing webcam work, phone sex and private independent dungeon sessions as a pro submissive/Switch. It wasn’t until April 2018, when SESTA/FOSTA became law under the Trump Administration that she lost everything – her home, her dungeon, most of her clients/income; just gone in a blink of an eye within 3 days after SESTA/FOSTA. After taking a brief break trying to figure out her next move, Sade went on to bigger and better things after packing her bags and heading for the Bay Area (specifically the San Francisco/Oakland area) to rebuild, redesign and reclaim everything she’s worked hard for and lost in her former home of Vermont, working briefly for Black Swan Productions, then taking on more independent productions with other models/performers/studios/dungeons.


Sade is now working on her next slew of productions with Mistress Salem in Minneapolis, planning deviously fun things in Canada with Quintessa Kelly and Mistress Hailey Heartless, working her tour around several important events (such as Folsom Street Fair in September), and a scheduled Oct. 13th shoot with CrashPad Series coming up soon with the lovely Jade Melody. Whenever she’s not doing porn, sex work or partaking in the BDSM lifestyle community’s lovely events or teaching a DeafKink 101 workshop, you can oftentimes find her on the road in other artistic/creative projects, such as a new book series she’s working on, an BDSM lifestyle/sex work/porn autobiography, a new solo album in the recording studio, and taking on the world with more of her writing/artwork under her other company, Transgender Mad Genius Arts. Her new Delirium Sade website is slated for a relaunch in mid to late Summer 2018. She does stand-up comedy and also writes from time to time on Medium as well.


You can follow, like, subscribe, etc. to her current social media platforms for more behind-the-scenes content, exclusive fanclub goodies, podcast episodes with her new show, Sex, BDSM, Porn, Politics and Rock N Roll — The Revolution Your Mothers Warned You About (currently on YouTube, Vimeo and Patreon for the time being) and purchase her content on her porn clip stores, too:




You can donate to her directly via PayPal or CashApp (do NOT LEAVE a note when donating – it’s how they shut down sex workers’ funding accounts), or to her fundraiser to help her through rough times in a post-SESTA/FOSTA world:
Help Delirium Sade Rebuild Her Life Fundraiser on Lysistrata MCCF

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