VIDEO CHAT: Alace Amory with Nicholas Tanek

Alace Amory has been into different aspects of the lifestyle for as long as she can remember.  She enjoys cuckolding, general kink, polyamory, lezdom, FLRs and BDSM.  She is a fetish clip producer, a non-nude performer, cam tease, fetish session enthusiast, and trains long term subs. Some things she incorporates into her playtime are authentic energy exchanges, sensual energy play, & connection building for bonding.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.


She is big into textures both visually stimulating & that feels good under her fingertips like lace, satin, shiny boots & leatherette skirts. Big into stockings & heels, any time she sees them, she is instantly sinking into that sensual energy & the libido spike. She loves wearing them in general and playing in them. Kink-wise, most of what you’ll see in her clips & cam sessions are: Femdom, sensual domination, chastity & edging games which are under orgasm control, body worship, cuckolding, slave/sub/pet training, smothering & facesitting, tease & denial, findom & paying to literally see me in pleasure, sissification & sissy slut training, ASMR fetish play, humiliation of different sorts, instructional & educational, & sensory deprivation.

“Overall I’m a passionate & sensual person. Though I’m open minded, friendly & considerate but don’t mistake that for being a submissive. I may be giggly and playful at times I’m still as sadistic as ever. Also strongly opinionated. I like things my way, I’m bossy & have a deep sadistic streak. I get off on having control & I do not like taking even strong suggestions. Haha! In everyday life, I do have kinky D/s relationships. Currently, one of my play partner subs is living with me & is under my lock. To which I hold both of the keys. @TheTonyAtomic he is a vanilla convert. He’s come a long way & I’m very proud of my pet. Recently started seeking again for the right connection with a female submissive for a real relationship & a D/s dynamic. Generally, I’m a very solitary & creative person. An extroverted introvert. I like spending time in nature just as much as I do in my dark sanctuary. I’m a spiritual person as well & am an eclectic pagan. Though my belief system & lifestyle practices pull from many different cultures. I’m always studying something to promote my own internal growth & doing what I can in my lifestyle to stay happy & healthy. I plan on staying in the industry for as long as I can. Genuinely long most things about it & my fetishes are constantly evolving as is my content. Excited to see what happens as I grow my skill set and collab with others. Though I’m in Vegas I love to travel and every few years I move states.” – Alace Amory

“One thing I plan on keeping in my content is to keep it unedited, unfiltered as much as possible. Though there will be a few things here & there like Hypno effects and cosplay fun. I’d like to keep the real energy of that moment there and capture my playtime with others in an authentic form. I’ll probably always stay in the amateur realm for that reason. Hahaha! So keep an eye out for future collaborations with others into the genuine part of the lifestyle & feel free to respectably reach out to me. Whether it’s a fetish question, tribute, application for consideration, or interested in collaborating. Look forward to seeing how the kink & fetish community grows in the scene, on paper & on the screen.” Alace Amory

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