VIDEO CHAT: Siren Thorn with Nicholas Tanek

Miss Siren Thorn aka the Inked Asian Goddess, is a Toronto based Asian professional dominatrix, fetish content producer, and fetish actress. Physically, she is a dangerous combination of femininity, exotic and alternative allure and strength – 5’3″, toned and tattooed, with raven hair, mesmerizing eyes and deadly curves.
Nicholas Tanek sits down and interviews with her.


Miss Siren has always been intrigued by things outside of the norm. Hence, being very open-minded sexually, she started off in the BDSM scene at 18 with it being a personal interest, attending events and meeting like-minded individuals in Toronto. She ventured into fetish modeling/acting/webcam performances, and as the years went by, her Dominant side became more and more prominent, embracing the Alpha female within. As she emerged in the fetish modeling world, she eventually decided to nurture her own vision and started her own fetish content productions, catering to select custom video requests and running her online video stores.
Fast forward several more years, at age 28, Miss Siren decided to also become an independent professional dominatrix, drawing on her 10+ years of experience in the BDSM scene and bringing deviant visions to life on camera. Miss Siren is often praised for her attention to detail, intuition, and ability to really get inside others’ heads (and fuck with them in the most erotic ways possible). She describes herself as a cerebral pervert, and adores learning about others’ vulnerabilities and using her power to take submissives/bottoms on an exhilarating ride. Miss Siren is also a self-professed ‘reaction junkie’, and is excited by the surrender in her submissives. She has a diverse set of interests as a FemDom, with particular soft spots for physical and mental humiliation, strap on exploration, roleplay, S&M, urethral sounds, chastity, and much more.
FemDom and BDSM is not only a professional interest of Miss Siren’s, but a deep-seated, personal passion for intensity – in sexuality and life!

Lily D/Siren Thorn

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