#ThriftyKinkThursday: Oui! Oui! Oui!

Thrifty Kinksters.  Ten Dollars. Super Fun.  

by SassyWitch 666

BDSM calls to many people but willing kinksters can be inhibited by the cost of the tools. Leather floggers, ball gags, and latex wear can really break the bank. Your Kinky Friends decided to challenge ourselves to create experiences that cost less than ten bucks. 

This is our fourth entry for our Thrifty Kink series:  Oui! Oui! Oui!

DISCLAIMER: Please support stores and people who sell high-end/well-made BDSM products. It’s worth it. And always… safety first!

Price Limit:  $10.00

Type of Scene:  Role play

Key Words: Dominate /Submissive , Master/Slave , lingerie


Item Cost
French Maid uniform $2.00 (Wish.com)


Stockings $2.00 (Wish.com)
Feather duster $1.00 (Dollar Tree)
High heels $5.00 (Thrift Store)

It’s not always easy to buy kinky accessories, especially if you’re on a fixed income. Sometimes you have to get creative or do some serious comparison shopping to find the tools you need to have some fun!  I shop Wish.com frequently to find cute lingerie and playthings for scenes. Shipping is usually free, but it may take a long time for products to arrive. Order well in advance of your play time.  Wish.com items are mostly shipped from China and clothing usually runs small. You can find great buys if you are patient and shop wisely.

Thrift stores are also an excellent place to find pervertable accessories.  High heels are often minimally worn and you can find some really cute shoes if you frequent your local thrift shops.   Be creative!

Scene Details:

This is a classic role playing scene between a naughty maid and their master.  (You could also find naughty nurse or a bratty schoolgirl costumes if that tickles your fancy.)  

A few days before play:

Give your sub their new outfit and tell them to try it on and make sure it fits. Maybe whisper in their ear how you can use the feather duster for something other than dusting, and that you’ll show them in a few days.  Have them model their outfit and take pictures.

Have them practice some French phrases such as “Mais oui, Monsieur.”  Find inspiration in movies like Clue, Friends with Money, Heartbreakers, or The Man Who Knew Too Little.  You could also research pornography clips together.

Day of play:

Make sure the room you plan on playing in is safe and free from unnecessary distractions. Turn off phones so your focus is on playtime.  Submissives crave attention, and your focused desire will drive the scene.

Play in a room that needs to be tidied and have a list of jobs that need to be done. These jobs should be fun for your sub and easy to complete such as dusting table tops, vacuuming, or folding laundry. Order your maid clean the various items in the room. Let them know what kind of job they’re doing and give them praise/punishment accordingly.  Have them bend and stretch to show off their body. Pull them over your lap for a spanking if something isn’t spotless. Chase them around the room if they won’t submit for a spanking.

Force your sub to strip, pull them over the couch arm and then tickle them with the feather duster very slowly up and down the spine, the backs of legs and bottom. Tease them with the feather duster and maybe add a slap to their exposed ass every now and then for a bit of a different sensation. Run your fingers down their body and nibble here and there.

Now turn them over and lay them down on the couch so you can give their nipples, stomach, and thighs similar treatment. Licking and kissing between tickles and touches is always encouraged!

Your submissive could be open and ready for whatever you propose next whether it be sexual in nature or more spanking exercises. You may just want a clean room! Check in with them and then move forward.   Have fun and work together to make the scene fit your fantasy.

After play:

Your sub may feel a little overloaded from all the physical attention so they may need space to recover. A nice warm bubble bath and some time in a room by themselves where they can read, listen to music or just nap would be a much appreciated thing.  Talk about the scene and check in with each other.

Obviously there are many other things you can add in to scene and using imagination can take things to a level that you and your sub will love. For instance, you can add ice or a paint stick spanking for different sensations.  These things you can get for free! Everyday items around the house can always add some fun sensations. A hairbrush, toothbrush, or even a dish rag can be a great addition to play. I recommend a NEW toothbrush but whatever floats your boat.

Whatever you decide to do make sure everyone is safe and in agreement with what will take place. Safe words are always a good idea and consent is a MUST!

Have fun, be sweet, and enjoy some naughty good fun!


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