#Thrifty Kink Thursday: Chilly Willy

Thrifty Kinksters.  Ten Dollars. Super Fun.  

by Dork-A-Dilly

BDSM calls to many people but willing kinksters can be inhibited by the cost of the tools.  It is well worth it to invest in high quality BDSM toys, but sometimes you want to play around with an idea before committing your funds.  Leather floggers, ball gags, and latex wear can really break the bank. Your Kinky Friends decided to challenge ourselves to create experiences that cost less than ten bucks. We will use traditional BSDM ideas plus our imagination and ingenuity to help you get the most bang for your buck. 

As always…use common sense when playing and put safety first!

This is our sixth entry for #ThriftyKinkyThursday and it involves ice play.  Let’s make a Chilly Willy!

Price Limit:  $10.00

Type of Scene:  Sensory Play

Key Words: Ice play, bondage, submission, craft time


Item Cost
Bottled Water $1.00
Several Condoms

(Lube can freeze weird so try to find ones without lube.)

$3.00 (Gas Station)
Braided Poly Rope $5.50 (Home Depot)
Several Paper Towel Rolls Free (Use up your paper towels and save the middle.)
Masking Tape $.97 (Wal-Mart)

I love my sex toys, but sometimes I crave something different for playtime.  This is a temperature/sensory scene that requires a little craftiness but offers tons of fun.  As always, play safely!   The toys you make are meant for vaginal or oral insertion. If you try them for anal, please use extreme caution.  The ice will melt, but it could cause internal frostbite if a big chunk gets stuck way up in your bottom. https://www.quora.com/Is-it-dangerous-to-put-ice-in-my-ass  Try to make a flared base for any anal toys so they don’t go wandering through your intestines.  This could be an awkward scenario:

Patient:  Um…There is something wrong with my anus.

Doctor:  You have frostbite, in your ass.

Patient: Ummm…freak accident with the ice maker. I slipped.  

Scene Details:

This is a play experience between two consenting partners.  There will be light bondage involved with sensory play.

A few days before play:

Make dildos!!!!  Take the cardboard tube and slice it down the side.  Change the circumference of the tube to your liking and then tape around the outside.  Slide your condom inside and fold it over the top of the cardboard.  Place the tube on a plate and stand it up.  Pour water into the condom slowly so it doesn’t tip over and place the plate and tube into the freezer. Freeze overnight or for at least three hours.   You can make several different sizes and create a whole dildo army!  You can also put rubber bands round the condoms to change the shape or try Popsicle molds!  

Practice knots! Set aside a night with your partner just to practice tying each other up. I prefer to be bound with my ankles to my thighs or to be tied to a table.  Every person will have their own preference on how they enjoy being bound. Check extremities like fingers and toes for circulation often during rope sessions. There are many good books and You-Tube videos for basic shibari techniques.  Two Knotty Boys have a great book and a website for beginning tie tutorials. Check our their site here: http://www.knottyboys.com/

Day of play:

Make sure the room you plan on playing in is safe and free from unnecessary distractions. Prepare your playspace with the rope and assorted dildos.  Remember that they are frozen! You will need to pull your dildo out of the cardboard tube and tie off the ends. Run them under cold water a little bit to ensure they don’t have frost that could cause sticking.  You don’t want the dildos to stick to wet skin. It could be unpleasant.

Warm your sub up with kisses and caresses before binding him or her.  Take your time with the rope. Allow them time to be lulled into a safe space of trust with you.  Once they are sufficiently bound and open to you, explore their body with the ice. Tease it across nipples and down their belly. Alternate warm kisses or breaths with the ice.  Make them squirm. Try inserting the toy and watch for your sub’s reaction. Be gentle. Frisk around. See how fast you can melt the dildo!  Get wet! Play!


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