by Kitt Wolf

Social media is awesome, but things like shadowbanning silence voices of those who are simply trying to share themselves.  I understand that there are malicious cretins in the world who want to use social media for their own agenda, but the vast majority of sexbloggers want to spread a message for the good of the greater kink community.  

This is YKF’s first #SOSS (Share our Shit Saturday) and I wanted to give a shoutout to some of the great people out there trying to build community in the kink world.  


This is a fantastic group founded by Nancy Ava Miller that offers phone sex, camming, and other great services.  There is a genuine spirit of fun and fantasy on this site, and everyone is welcome to talk out their deepest desires.  Your Kinky Friend, Nicholas Tanek has been interviewing some of the ladies of Pep so that the larger community can know more about the human element making connections over the phone.  


I love the products reviews that LittleSwitchBitch writes.   They are always a fun read and help to inform me about what toys I NEEEEEED. I have been following her blog and Twitter for several months and have seen that she truly cares for community in the kink world. She lifts up other members and her work on Molly’s Daily Kiss: Sinful Sunday is always erotic and inspiring.


MollysDailyKiss has built a tremendous community of bloggers who participate in this game each week.  Writers and artists offer up an erotic photo and sometimes a brief snippet of writing.  It’s a great way to begin the week and has been wonderful to follow.

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