Kitten vs. The Human Centipede: Write for YourKinkyFriends!

by Tangled Blue

The Human Centipede concept scares me to pieces, and truthfully, I’ve never seen the movie.  The idea alone is enough for me to have night terrors for days.  (I have clicked on a YouTube trailer or two and watched through a gap in my fingers.)  It may be scary to me, but I also find it fascinating.  I love the bizarre thoughts in the brains of others. I wonder how often people think about murderous or depraved things. Do we all walk around with a running story line in our heads of mayhem and mischief?  How do we express it? If we could express these ideas safely without actually harming others, would people be happier?  BDSM can really help the creative thought thinkers of the world and writing about it is a great first step to experiencing and exploring fantasy.

I don’t have malicious or sadistic thoughts, but I do like to come up with scenes and play parties and experiences.  In my vanilla life, I have really stupid thoughts.    I often think about eating the clouds.  What if we could just eat them all?  Would the water cycle stop?  Would life cease to exist? I think the most when I am driving and have been known to yell random ideas out as I cruise along.  “Hot dog robot phantoms!  Sparkle scissors! Lizard esophagus pie!”  These ideas are stupid.  I know that, but sometimes I have to get the idea out or it will cause my brain to explode.  Probably.

I have a screen writer friend who swears that all the good stories have been told.  We have argued for hours about this concept.   I think there are millions of untold stories waiting to come to fruition.  We just have to allow ourselves to imagine more.  The world is handed to us now with the internet.  It’s slowly killing creativity.  It’s eating away at quality social interactions.  We have to work harder to find originality and the stories.  I propose that one way to do this is to talk nonsense to each other until the stories spill out.  Then we must write them before they evaporate or they are eaten by kittens who consume weird things like words.

Somebody saw The Human Centipede.  They also liked Hello Kitty.   They mixed the ideas together and make a pin to wear on your sweet ass jean jacket.  It’s absurd.  It’s impossible to unthink.  But I’m so glad that this idea exists.   Synthesizing culture and experience and life to make new things keeps the world interesting.  Be kinky.  Be weird.  Think the bizarre thoughts.  Let’s keep creating.

Your Kinky Friends is a safe space to explore the weirdness in your brain.  Do you have a story that needs air?  Do you need a place to express yourself?  Send it to us!  We would love to hear your idea and help you share yourself with our corner of the internet.  If you have an idea for an article, please submit your information to below!

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