Sex Toys and Furniture for People who Live with Disabilities

By SassyWitch666
Recently Nicholas Tanek,  our awesome leader of YKF,  did an interview with SugarCunt,  a sex toy tester who has a disability.

(Watch it, it’s great!)
This video got me thinking. Are there sex toys out there specifically for those of us who have a physical disabilities?
So I did a little research and found out some great toys! How cool is that?

The Magic Wand
The Magic Wand with attachments that can be a fun toy for just about anyone.  I have one and I love it,  HARD!
It is a wonderful little gem.  Personally, it helps me because I can give myself a little extra reach when my arm is hurting and doesn’t want to extend the way it’s supposed to go.  Plus, the attachments can provide stimulation my hand can’t.  I am a lefty and suffer from 85% paralysis of my left hand. The toy can do what my fingers may not always want to do.
The handle on the wand also makes it possible to tie /anchor it in place so you can hold it in position with less effort.  The wand also has multiple settings/speeds and they can be further modified by using a speed modulator.
We Vibe
We Vibe is another toy I have,  and this one has a remote control you can sync with your computer!  You can go hands free with this toy! It has two areas that stimulate the G spot and clitoris simultaneously.  The multiple settings can be controlled by you or a partner with a remote.  This toy can also be controlled online if you find that using a computer is easier than a small remote! The We-Vibe can remain inside during intercourse so you and your partner can benefit from the extra vibrations.
Sex Swings
These can be helpful for positioning bodies to make sex easier.  Sometimes sex is difficult because my legs are not wanting to work or my husband is having trouble with his back.   A swing would make it easier on both of our legs and backs because it would aid in movement and help hold me in place.   The swing gives more freedom to move with less effort.
Sex Furniture
Let’s be honest some days our bed isn’t enough fun and a couch or recliner may not be doable! A special table, bench, or seat might be just what the sex doctor ordered! Being able to support body parts or hold positions may be just the ticket to sexual adventure.
As a kinky disabled person, I know the frustration of having to learn to do things differently so one last link I hope will help.   There many books that offer more details about different disabilities and specific tips for getting it on.   This one has good reviews on Amazon.
I also found this article on The Mighty that has some inspiration for different sex positions.
Every now and then we need extra help mentally and socially not just physically so it can’t hurt to turn to others for a little emotional TLC. I’m fortunate to have others to speak to but not everyone does.
Remember we all deserve to have good sex, we all deserve to have our needs met and being disabled doesn’t change that fact.  There’s just not enough information out there for those of us who are disabled and want to learn more about ourselves, our bodies, and our sexual needs.  I just hope this article empowers you to revel in your sexiness and find a way to give yourself some pleasure.
A little about my disabilities I think may help others .
I have Neurofibromatosis type 1.
I also recently as of this year (May 4 of 2018) was diagnosed with Spine Bifida Meningocele (I’m still learning about it and how it affects or may affect me)
I have Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the right tibia and I had a bone marrow transplant at 3 years old.
I also have 85% paralysis of my left hand.
Yes,  I’m a physical train wreck, but I’m a fighter too.   I’m a highly sexual creature. Despite my obstacles, I want to keep going and keep my sexual health on track. I deserve a happy sex life and so do you. I can’t stress that enough.  ALL of our Kinky Friends deserve good, satisfying sex.

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