VIDEO CHAT: Slave Heather with Nicholas Tanek

Slave Heather is in a D/s relationship and considers herself her Master’s slave (Master David). She is also in a leather family.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.

“First and foremost I am Master’s slave. He is my rock and keeps me centered. I look to him for direction and support. The amount of knowledge and passion he possesses for the path he has chosen to walk is evident in all that he does each and every day. I am able to flourish because he guides me with understanding and patience. When I falter, he corrects me and lifts me up to try again. He holds me at high standards because he believes in my potential. This pushes me to try harder and to focus my stubbornness towards pleasing Him. I wake up each day with a desire to satisfy him more completely then I did the day before. I am honored each and every day I am allowed to serve him.

I am a woman of leather. I say this knowing that I am still at the beginning of my journey. The foundation of my beliefs embraces the core of the leather way of life. It promotes acceptance, belonging, compassion, support, and service. Most importantly it is FAMILY. You could ask 100 different people what living leather means to them and you would probably get a 100 variations, but if you looked deeper you would most likely see that passion is the center of it. My chosen family has grown exponentially and I am blessed to be a part of it. I hope to make my Master and my family proud of the walk I take. I am confident that my path is one of service and education. I strive to continue growing so that I may share my experiences along my journey to support and encourage those I come in contact with. It is important to make sure I honor those who have created a place I can belong, to love the family that has embraced me and to shares who I am with future generations.

I work very hard at not allowing other peoples behaviors and attitudes affect mine. It is not always easy since I tend to be very protective of those I chose to surround myself with. I have zero tolerance for those who exist only to lie, manipulate, hurt and look down at others. I feel it is our responsibility to lift one another up, not tear them down.

Master allows me to “Tigger” in social situations when appropriate because he is confident that I will never intentionally say or do anything that would be harmful to our family. He appreciates my smile and ease at which people approach me for help. We are both HUGE advocates of safety and responsibility so it is important to be available to those on both sides of the slash.

So there you have it….the base for which each of my decisions are made. More to come as I grow and learn.” – Slave Heather

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