VIDEO CHAT: WolvyGirl with Nicholas Tanek

WolvyGirl is an intersex two-spirit (trans girl) who does online content. Her favorites are kinks are pet play, primal, bondage, dom/sub, and painShe is in a poly relationship and enjoys furries, Muay Thai, motorcycle, reading, studying, folklore, history, tabletop games, nature/hiking, etc.

Nicholas Tanek sits down and has a video chat with her.



“Let’s start with the basics, my name is Dakota but my Stage name is WolvyGirl. It’s short for Wolverine Girl. I’m intersex two-spirit(trans girl). Pronouns she/her/they/them. I’m a 32-year-old Navajo/Mojave(native American) in a poly relationship with my genderfluid partner of 3 years. Hobbies include furry, Muay Thai, motorcycle, reading, studying, folklore, history, tabletop games, nature/hiking, etc
I guess the first big thing to cover is yes I was born intersex (46, XX intersex) I found out later in life as it’s easily overlooked often times.
Sex work is something I’ve done throughout my life, starting at 18 where I would do it on and off for several years doing anything from cam work to nude photo shoots to a couple adult shoots when l fit the look of a twink. I did this while working regular jobs such as motorcycle sales, mechanic, even raced motorcycles for a year. Finally taking a break from the industry and pursuing other paths. That lead me to combat sports (MMA, boxing, Muay Thai) I did that for close to 5 years and enjoyed it greatly before leaving it to settle down and try my hand again at doing “normal work” or more stable work. I worked a construction job for 2 years and just hated it! Being transgender in construction wasn’t the best thing. Finally hitting my limit, I decided to return to one of the few things I’ve always been drawn to and came naturally to me:  sex work, full time.

I’ve always been overly sexual and kink based compared to most people I have met growing up. So naturally, I was drawn to sex work early on. From that, it helped show me all the other kinks and lifestyles out there so I’ve always been the person that is extremely kinky and willing to jump in and try something new. My favorite kinks are pet play, primal, bondage, dom/sub, pain.

Now that the basic stuff is out of the way. As I said earlier I’m in a relationship with my partner of 3 years. They run there own business making fursuits (furry suits) and I  help when I’m able to. Basic tasks like sew usually,  lol. They do 90% of the whole business. I’m really there to bounce ideas off of and such. We live together and both work from home. We support each other in our businesses and try to better each other’s content. She has joined me in a few cam shows as well.
We have a fun time making content together because we are both switches so we can play so many roles.

I hope to get a personal web page up and running but that’ll take a little more time.
Fetlife and manyvids are under construction at the moment.” –WolvyGirl

Twitter @Wolvy_Girl
Tumblr @Bear-skin-lovers


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